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As told in the Hindu classics, one of the main duties of a married couple is to create progeny. We think that it is the starting of new life which adds a new chapter in the book of genealogy of the family. As classics say that one has to follow the Grasth Ashram (the family life), if he is not observing celibacy, then progeny is one of the main ingredients of this aspect. As classics suggest that life should continue, they have suggested a lot of remedies for progeny so that one should not be deprived of this privilege of the life. Now, if classics are suggesting these guidelines it is obvious that the remedies are tested by our seers but if someone is not following them in letter and spirit then it is not he fault of the classics but of the native.

If we trace back our classics we found that Narpatcharya Shiv Sarvodya and Swar Chintamani have discussed this subject in length. The book says that if someone wants a desired baby he should follow the book in letter and spirit. For example, it was said that while doing intercourse with the wife the husband's breath should flow from right nostril and wife should breathe from left nostril. If these directions are followed in letter and spirit then the native will be blessed with a male child if vice-versa then it would be a female child.

The other way for having a male progeny is, if the lady will have cold drinking water after having sex with her husband then also she is likely to be blessed with a male child, classics say.

Right time for conception

As per scientific cannons it has been proved that from the fourth day of menstruation of a lady till the sixteenth day, the lady can conceive, if she is healthy and the planetary position of the couple is good. Our seers were so intelligent that they discovered the period from the start of menstruation till the sixteenth day for having a child of the native's kind. For the benefit of our esteemed reader we are underlining the period when they can e blessed with progeny as per their desire.

1. Conception on the fourth night after the menstruation period would lead to a son whose life span would be very less.

2. If conceived on fifth night a daughter would be born who would be living a short life.
3. If conceived on sixth night a medium age son.
4. If conceived on seventh night a daughter will be born who would remain barren for the whole life.
5. If conceived on eighth night a boy would be born who would live luxurious life.
6. If conceived on ninth night a daughter would be born who would live luxurious life.
7. If conceived on tenth night a clever boy would be born.
8. If conceived on eleventh night a bad character girl.
9. If conceived on twelfth night an intelligent boy would be born.
10. If conceived on thirteenth night a daughter would be born having hybrid womb.
11. If conceived on fourteenth night a boy would be born who would be master of all trades.
12. If conceived on fifteenth night a lucky daughter.
13. If conceived on sixteenth night a boy would be born who will be master in all spheres of life.

Remedy of Sarp Dosha for birth of male child
If Rahu is posited in fifth house of natal chart then it creates hurdles in creation of progeny or male child. If at right interval it is remedied then the native is blessed with a male child. Following are some of the remedies as told in our classics for remedy of this dosha.

1. Consult your family priest/preceptor and request him to perform the rites for rectification of this dosha. After pooja, flow an idol of male and female snake made of five metals in sacred water.

2. Construct a Shiva Temple. If you are not in a position to construct the Shiva Temple then make some room for the idol of Shiva to ward off this curse.

3. Donate an idol of five faced snake (panch mukhi nag) during the hora of eclipse.

4. Get a snake released from a snake charmer on Nagpanchmi day (The fifth day of the bright half of the month of Sravana month on which Hindus worship snakes). Before releasing it the native should perform pooja of the snake.

Charms and Spells for progeny

1. Take tender leaves of palasa plant or Dhak tree with milk for seven days during and after menstruation. The lady should take light food, she must not have any fear or a sorrow in her mind, sleeping during the day time is prohibited. She will conceive and give birth to a son.

2. Take Sehdevi plant on Sunday in pushya nakshatra. Dry it in shade inside the house and grind it to make powder. The powder is given to a lady with single coloured cow's milk. The lady will become pregnant to give birth to a son.

3. The plant of nagkesra should be powdered. If taken with ghee of cow for seven days along with food by a lady, she will be blessed with a son.

4. Powder of seeds of gokshura is taken with juice of Nirgundi. If taken for five or eight nights after menstruation the lady would conceive to give birth to a male child.

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