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Influence of Black Magic and Evil Eye

It will now be necessary to make a short study of magic, if we desire anything like a reasonable explanation as to the power behind and manifesting through charms and kindred objects. It may be that the world has raised superior to such superstitions but before taking it for granted that superstition and magic are the same thing and that the theories of the old seers are not suited for the present age but it could be said that the magic of yesterday may be the science of tomorrow. Pushpak viman, Agni ban, Brahma astra were a magical or spiritual power but today science has proved them in the shape of cruise missiles or ballistic missiles and aeroplanes.

It will thus be seen that magic is a high system and state of knowledge in both philosophy and science. At an early period it was divided into four classes. These were: first-natural magic, second-white magic, third-black magic and the fourth-divine magic. We need only touch that class to which our subject belongs, and that is black magic (Abhichara or nazar) or influence of evil eye where we are brought into connection with the world of unseen powers through artificial or natural agents.

Indian astrology also talks of Black Magic. Indications of Black magic can be checked in the horoscope with the following indications:-

1. Bandhakesh associated with 6th house or lord.
2. 6th lord is in 1st, 7th or 12th house and Mars occupies or aspects ascendant.
3. Ketu is in 1st, 4th or 10th house and Mars aspects ascendant.

Now after checking these combinations one must suggest some remedies in the form of some spell, charms or talismans. Now here we are giving some of them for the use of our readers.

Planets and Days
It has been observed that a few persons fall ill or face troubles on a specific day due to some or other reasons. It is believed that it is influence of some evil eye and it is our belief that following general remedies will ward off such evils. Of course, if you perform them in the normal ways then the evils can be averted or minimized. Then why you wait for eventuality to take place? So, here we provide some effective general readings and remedial measures connected with various planes for days and nights of week for the candid use of readers and for the practitioners.

1. Saturday: - If one feels trouble and falls ill on Saturday, the effects are of malefic Saturn. Effects will be felt for eight days. One will feel troubled, the whole body will be heavy, feel thirsty and one will sleep peaceful. If the boy or child falls ill he will weep day and night will not take milk which indicates that his/her mother had fed with milk before another lady and the child is the victim of evil eye and one has to suffer for seven day. In such case 1 ¼ seer of black urad, 1.25 yards black cloth and small quantity of halwa (sweet meat) be donated and talisman of Saturn for cure from Evil eye should be worn on the neck. The day lord is Saturn.

2. Sunday: - A person facing troubles or falling sick on Sunday will experience the same for 14 days, and then will recover. The reasons can be of not wearing adequate clothes and over eating some white food. He will fell feverish and headache. Feel restlessness during day and night. Eyes will be red and face will be pale. He will avoid talking to any body and will feel fear in dreams. The remedy will be curd, rice, used cloth of person affected or seven chapattis rubbed with oil be donated. The day lord is sun.

3. Monday: - The day lord is Moon. The patient will remain in bed for fortnight. The reason for his illness can be due to evil eye, over eating of white coloured food. If the man is sick, he will feel headache, disorder of stomach and pain in body. In such case turmeric and red vermillion be applied on the person. A white hen, 1 ¼ kg of sesame, one white chicken, and mustard oil and 1 ¼ masha silver to be donated.

4. Tuesday: - The day lord is Mars. The patient will remain in bed for ten days. The illness can be due to some soul, which may be present in his house or there is some tree in the house where the soul resides. The indications of illness are that person feels pain in belly and umbilicus, there is a shivering in the body. One should donate cloth of red colour 1.25 meters, red lentils, Baranj, Kanjad, a few flowers of pomegranate tree, one cloth worn by patient seven kilos wheat, 1 ¼ kilos mustard oil and one red chicken after showing to the patient.

5. Wednesday: - The day lord is mercury. The person falling sick on Wednesday indicates that one will feel pain in back, chest and headache. One should donate a food goaded with ghee, a four meter long cloth, small quantity of silver, one egg and one white chicken. In case of boy make a lamp of flour with four wicks and ghee. Lit this lamp and throw in the river. Also donate salt, moth (a kind of kidney bean) and baranj.

6. Thursday: - The day lord is Jupiter. One will remain in bed for ten days. The indication is pain in waist, head and umbilicus, one will feel fear in sleep. In such case donate red chicken yellow red and black coloured pieces of cloth, mehndi (myrtle) leaves, 0.25 kg wheat and small quantity of silver.

In case a boy falls ill he will not have breast feed of his mother, will vomit after taking anything, continuous weeping, his colour will gradually become yellow. In such case make a lamp of barley flour with four wicks, and lit it with ghee. Prepare kheer (mixture of rice and milk) and flow it in the river after showing to the patient, kheer should be donated.

7. Friday: - The person falling ill on Friday will remain in bed for 11 days. One should feel inactiveness in body, headache, red eyes and murmuring in dreams. Collect dust of four places where four crossings meet or ash from cemetery or cremation ground, blood of white goat, these two mixed together. One deep of mash floor, small quantity of turmeric and vermillion be collected. All these items to be put in a new earthen pot after wrapping in black cloth and should be thrown in the river. One should also donate one load of ¼ kg small quantity of silver and 1 ¼ yards white cloth.

If a boy falls ill then one should burn the hair or tail of crow or chicken and body be put to this smoke. One should donate kheer after completing the whole exercise.

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