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Charms and Spells

India has a vast cultural history and some old practices having become part of our cultural heritage. Those old practices in the form of some of the rituals, were practiced by our ancestors and are still performed by us without knowing their background. We believe that there can be magic and enchantment in every day of our lives if we just know how to look and listen. Sometimes it may be a wish suddenly granted, sometimes a sign which gives us a solution. That is magic happening in nature's own way. But what about when we want to make it happen? When we long for something desperately or when things go wrong and we spend restless nights in anxiety? Spells and rituals are something one can use to focus his energies to bring to him what he wants. Each spell will call out differently to him. Sometimes he will use roses, sometimes crystals but mostly it is the will of the practitioner.
There are many forms of words and designs by means of which certain occult results are supposed to be achieved, these are usually called spells. Now these spells or practices have been christened as toney-totke or Charms and Talismans. We could say that spells are a word or formula believed to have magic power or a bewitched state, a trance, a compelling attraction, a charm or fascination.
In Indian context we would like to explain the term toney-totke. Toney and totkey are two terms which needs a brief explanation before we go in detail. Totkey are those practices which are done to change the adverse condition in favour of the practitioner. These are very simple and safe. These are done for the benefit of the practitioner and do not harm any one. They are the cannons which were framed by our ancestors for our benefit. For example, in the villages in northern India, before marriage we worship the pot maker's wheel. While performing any totka there is no need for chanting long mantras or taking help from the priest. These are time tested practices and have their background of success. We can say that these are petty remedies which do not require monetary investment. These are done for peaceful purposes and do not have any malice against any one. Feeding cow in the morning or giving bread to dog or crow is a totka which is not harming anyone which we think is done by most of the Hindus. It is also seen that when Mars is malefic in the natal chart of the native monkeys are fed or when Saturn is malefic labours are given food, all these are totkey which are done for propitiation of the planets.
Tona is used for destructive purpose. These are done opposite to totkes. Some times it is seen that pitchers are found on the crossings in the morning that is tona which is done to save the native but to harm some one. Practises which are undertaken in the graveyard or cremation ground are all part of the tonas.
While a charm may be anything from a worthless piece of fabric to a precious stone or even man, the talisman is more or less an artificial production which may be constructed of metal, stone, or parchment, depending for its efficacy on the binding of or constraining of the elementary powers to aid the behests of the possessor. This is done by preparing them at certain times and by observing many singular form and ceremonies.
Procedure for performing the spell
 There is no procedure laid down for performing any spell. The day the practitioner wants to start the spell he should take bath and resolute in front of his isht that he is performing a spell and he should be blessed with success after its completion. He should offer pooja to Him and start the spell. After completion of the spell he should distribute sweets (Prasad). Till the spell is not completed he should not reveal it to any one, of course, if he is benefited with it, he could tell it to any one he likes. Of course, he should convey thanks to his isht (household deity) for bestowing success.

 Place for performing spell
 The main thing in the spells is to observe sanctity. If someone is performing some spell and has to go out for some purpose then he should perform the spell there itself. There are some of the spells, which are performed at the same place where they were started. For example, someone is undertaking the spell of Lakshmi Sadhna and in that period he is away to some of his relatives. In that case he should not perform that spell there because it is said that where the spell is started the blessings of that deity rests there. If the spell is undertaken at the home of the relative then goddess would bestow all her blessings at the house of the relative and not at the native's.

Here it may be worth mentioning that in case you are outside then other family members cannot perform the spell in your place. Lighting lamp at peepal or banana tree is free from this binding.

 Charm an aid to spirituality
 A charm should be used intelligently, and where luck or success are sought after the wearer must do his part and not leave it to the charm to bring about the results alone. A charm or gem is not only useful for success in material things, but may be used to develop the spiritual side of the nature. Hold it between the finger and thumb and gaze at it steadily, or if in the dark simply hold it. Concentrate your thoughts on your isht (highest idea) and contemplate faithfully the conditions which you desire. A few minutes spent every day in such quiet meditation will put you in tune with the infinite and give the wearer faith, strength and courage.

 Precautions while performing the spells
 There are some precautions one should follow while performing the spells.
 1. First of all he should have full faith in his preceptor or the person who has directed him to perform the spell.
 2. While performing the spell he should be positive in thoughts.
 3. He should have full faith in the spell.
 4. He should have taken bath, pious by mind and should have neatly dressed.
 5. The spell should be kept secret and should not be disclosed to any one because if the spell is disclosed to any one it looses it sanctity.
 All magnetic healers are aware that in treating a patient they actually draw something away from the person, and if not careful will themselves take on the aches, pains or disease which they have rid their patients of.

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