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Utility of Gemstones – Summary (East/West)

1. Agate: Protector essence. Protects person from psychic attack. Prevents loss of energy to another person.

2. Amber: Grounds person and stops spacey behaviour Stability.

3. Amethyst: Lifts person to a higher level of consciousness. Aids alcoholics. Do not use with hyperactive people.

4. Apatite: Calms the nervous system.

5. Apophyllite: Vision quest essence. Promotes meditation and emphasizes person's spiritual qualities.

6. Aquamarine: Mother Nature's tranquilizer essence. Natural tranquilizer for any kind of stress. Insomnia.

7. Aventurine, (green): Self-worth essence. Promotes values of self through ability to love oneself.

8. Bloodstone: Aids healing of any heart-related injury on any level. Powerful healer.

9. Chrysoprase: For those who are rigid in their mental outlook.

10.  Citrine: Aids in concentration, improves memory for senility or poor memory.

11. Coral: Improves circulation.

12. Diamond: Insights into ourselves.

13. Emerald: Powerful cleanser via the heart; supports the immune system.

14. Fire Opal: High energy, vitality; addresses co-dependence.

15. Flint: Cuts through to root cause or main issue of problem. Grounding.

16. Fluorite: Strengthens mental capacities, helps them to focus. For those in a "Care Givers Role".

17. Garnet, (red): General vitality and energy boost.

18. Hematite: Aids in stabilizing a person on any and all levels. Grounding.

19. Jade: Digs out repressed, suppressed heart-related issues.

20. Lapis Lazuli: Allows person to communicate more clearly. Speaks up for self, confidence.

21. Moldavite: Heart injury; connecting with the repressed, suppressed root cause., alien consciousness.

22. Moonstone: Feminine integration essence. Getting in touch with feelings, emotions, right brained.

23. Obsidian: Reflection essence. Reflects suppressed, repressed issues and mirrors them back to the person on a conscious level. Reflects negative from others. Protects.

24. Opal: (Australian) Manic-depression. Brings up emotions from individuals who are disconnected from them.

25. Peridot: Powerful immune system supporter. Heart issues and cleansing of them.

26. Pyrite: Helps person to value themselves; emphasizes self-esteem issues. Confidence booster.

27. Petrified Wood: Helps disorganized, "spacey" individuals to ground themselves. Grounding.

28. Red Jasper: Bestows a sense of protection on the individual.

29. Rhodochrosite: Past traumas involving heart and head are brought forward to be healed.

30. Rhodonite: Supports self-esteem and confidence.

31. Rose Quartz: Helps release old emotionally charged conditioning tapes. Self-love supported.

32. Ruby: Powerful energizer on all levels; Do Not use on cancer patients.

33. Rutilated Quartz: Soothes stressed nervous system and stressed-out individuals.

34. Sapphire, (blue): Enables us to accurately see ourselves- faults as well as strengths.

35. Sequoia, (petrified): Zen Buddhist essence. The ability to accept whatever Life is throwing at you 
without "drama queen" antics. Blends your feelings with your mental activity and creates harmony.

36. Smoky Quartz: Digs out serious unconscious issues that we have buried.

37. Sodalite: Improves our intuitive knowing and our trust in that process.

38. Tiger's Eye: Brings a strong sense of value to the self. Supports solid self-confidence.

39. Topaz, (gold): Brings sunlight back into a person's life; a sense of hope.

40. Tourmaline:

(a) Black: release negativity, fears, anxieties.

(b) Pink: connects primitive responses with heart.

(c) Green: cleans out toxic conditions in the body on any level, and

(d) Blue (Indicolite): Speaking up of ourselves.

41. Unakite: Healing past hurts/wounds of the heart/emotions and re-discovery of how to dal with them on a positive and growth level.

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