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Know About Zodiac Signs: Libra (Tula), Chapter 7, Part - 17

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Compatibility of Libra with other Zodiac signs


When two Librans will meet, the attraction will be immediate. When two individuals of same sign will be in any type relationship their qualities and flaws will magnify. The strong point of the relationship between two Libra individuals is that they will share the same positive qualities however the weakness of such a zodiac match will also be the sharing of the same negative traits. This is one of the basic reasons due to which this love match can turn out both ways – very compatible or totally incompatible. A Libra will seek a partner with whom he can share his happiness, sorrows, doubts and fears. If he is not in a relationship, he will be constantly on the lookout for one as for him, life is not worth living alone. In a relationship between two Librans, both of them will charm each other with their delicate tact and subtle diplomacy. Both of them will believe in maintaining harmony in a relationship and will want to please their partner. They will go to any lengths to maintain a peaceful relationship.

Thus, any major problem in their love match seems to be a quiet distant possibility. A Libran values balance and equality, so none of the partners will dominate in this relationship. Librans are always interested in the finer things of life and more or less, will have similar tastes; and this will act as another point in their favor. Since they will have a mutual desire of avoiding conflict, they will either avoid such a situation or leave it in the middle, without coming to a solution and this may create some problems. A Libran individual will find it very difficult to take a decision, so a long time may pass before either of them takes a step towards the relationship. If both will stuck at once, very little will get done until one of you can pull yourself out of it. Affairs of the bedroom will be enthralling and even a touch extravagant.

However, to avoid boredom, there will be need to develop mutual external interests and activities so that when conflict will arise, both of them will have a way of transforming the stormy air into positive winds of change. Although Libra is a Cardinal sign and likes to take charge, it will be easier for this couple than any other sign to work out the balance that will allow enough space for both. However, when they will do, it may turn out to be one of the best matches of the zodiac. But if other planets between the two horoscopes especially the Moon (Moon denotes inner feelings) and the ascendants will have good relations than an intense devotion, loyalty and respect will be there between them otherwise their relationship will be tense and difficult indeed.


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