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Know About Zodiac Signs: Libra (Tula), Chapter 7, Part - 16

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Effect of various planets in Libra Sign

Sun: Sun placed in Libra will make the native manufacture of liquors, popular, tactless, loose morals, arrogant, wicked, frank, submissive, bereft of wealth, quarrelsome, humiliated by ruler.

Moon: Moon placed in Libra will make the native reverence and respect for learned and holy people, saints and gods; tall, prominent nose & eyes, slim body, deformed limbs, sickly constitution, rejected by kinsmen, intelligent, wealthy, loves women, losses through women, obliging, love for arts, far-seeing idealistic, clever, mutable, amicable, not ambitious, aspiring, principled.

Mars: Mars placed in Libra will make the native tall, body symmetrically built, complexion fair and swarthy, ambitious, self-confident, perceptive faculties, materialistic, live for family, self-earned wealth, affable, warlike, foresight, deceived by women, sanguine temperament, king, gentle, fond of adulation, easily ruffed, boastful.

Mercury: Mercury placed in Libra will make the native of fair complexion, sanguine disposition, inclination to excesses, perceptive faculties, material tendencies, frugal, agreeable, courteous, philosophical, faithful, ceremonial-minded, sociable, respectful to elders, clever in speech, skilled in many arts, incentive to indulgence, liable to disease of the generative organ, general debility, crafty, malicious, selfish, indiscreet, bold, reckless.

Jupiter: Jupiter placed in Libra will make the native handsome, free, open-minded, hasty, attractive, courteous, strong, able, exhaustion from over-activity, religious, competent, Soft in speech, pleasing, good in look, versed in scriptures and trader.

Venus: Venus placed in Libra will make the native statesman, poet, intelligent, generous, philosophical, proud, handsome, matrimonial felicity, successful marriage, passionate, respected, intuitive, sensual, wide travels.

Saturn: Saturn placed in Libra will make the native famous, high status, founder of institutions and the like, rich, tall, fair, handsome, tactful, powerful, respected, sound judgment, charitable, sub-serviette to females.

Rahu: Rahu placed in Libra will make the native bereavement of elder, loss of property, trouble from Govt.

Ketu: Ketu placed in Libra will make the native wealthy, cordial relation with all, lusty, skin problems.


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