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Know About Zodiac Signs: Libra (Tula), Chapter 7, Part - 18

Dr. Shanker Adawal


In this association both partner will feel that they both have many lessons to learn from each other. Both of them will feel the weakness and mistakes of the other person and strongly understand each others behavior. But this will be a general tendency as other planets and ascendant of the two horoscopes can change the description of this relationship. If other planets between the two horoscopes especially the Moon (Moon denotes inner feelings) and the ascendants will have good relations than an intense devotion, loyalty and respect will be there between them but if they will be in unfavorable axis than this relationship will be tense and difficult indeed. However basically they will not change the foundation of 2-12 signs compatibility.

As far as emotions are concerned, Scorpio will take the lead over the Libra. His emotions will run much deeper and will be much more intense. Whenever a Libran will be involved in a love relationship, he will always maintain a little distance and aloofness. The possessiveness, which is a part of the Scorpion profile, will not occur anywhere in a Libran relationship. The former will need to feel one with his partner, while the latter will need some space and freedom. At the same time, the balanced attitude of a Libra can very well stabilize the extremism of a Scorpio. However, at times, the objectivity of a Libran may annoy a Scorpio, whose too much passion may disturb the former. Both the individuals will be romantic to the core and love to shower attention on their partner. The chemistry in this zodiac math will be great and the attraction will be strong. The Scorpion will need to control his feelings of too much jealousy and possessiveness and the Libran will need to show some less aloofness and than only this relationship can work wonders. Both the individuals should complement each beautifully and make up for the weak points in one another. There will be need of trust for this relationship to flourish.

The relationship of a Libran man and a Scorpio woman will need efforts on both parts, to develop into something meaningful and long lasting. The compatibility between the two will not be too good, but will not be too bad also. She will be very possessive as well as very jealous. His mild flirtations with other girls will not at all be likely to go down well with her. Her need for intensity may come in the way of his need for freedom. Though there may be initial attraction, the prospects of a great compatibility will be very low.

Libra woman will be very easily attracted to the passion of a Scorpio man, but whether this will develop into a serious relationship will be an entirely different question. They will have intelligent conversations between themselves which will also show mutual affection. But, he will be a strong headed to the extreme and it may frustrate her when he will make decisions for her too. Her casual relationship with the opposite sex will not appeal to him and he may not be able to give her the independence she will so much desire.

Mars the warrior is the planetary ruler of powerful Scorpio, Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, rules high minded Libra. Thus the association of Scorpion and Libra will be an encounter of passionate Mars and tasteful Venus. If the planets favor it, this may be the glorious romance of mysteriously different natures. However, it will be one thing to succeed between the sheets, where Mars and Venus will thrive, but effort will be needed to move from a cruise coupling to a true companionship. If both will be prepared to adjust, they can make it work. This will be a difficult match and will work best if they will have common business interests. Being the compatible factors, Moon, Mars and Venus will improve the situation.


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