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Know About Zodiac Signs: Virgo (Kanya), Chapter 6, Part - 19

Dr. Shanker Adawal


There will be wide difference between a Virgo’s and a Sagittarian’s outlook towards life. They will be quite unlike each other when it comes to their personality traits, but the combination can work if and only if both the partners will be willing to make concessions and change themselves a bit. Virgo will be practical by nature and will have an analytical way of thinking. This will be in sharp contrast to the impulsive, quick, independent and occasional irresponsible behavior of a Sagittarian. Both, the Virgin and the Archer will be game for change. The difference is that the former will constantly aspire to change in order to be a perfectionist at whatever he does, while the latter will seek change so as to widen his knowledge horizon. Their union would be great to solve any kind of problem. This is because one will look at the specific overview of the condition and the other will be concerned with its broader perspective. If this relationship has to touch high levels of compatibility, the partner would require great understanding of each other. However, if they concentrate on the positive aspects of each other, they will be sure to experience happiness.

The idealistic but impractical Archer can be quite a challenge for the typical Virgo. While the sparks of attraction may fly between them, this relationship can quickly become too hot to handle. Both of them can make a relationship work, but first they must acknowledge some fundamental differences between them. Because Virgo is an earthy sign and Sagittarius is a fiery sign, their emotional styles will be very diverse. The Archer can be almost ridiculously enthusiastic and idealistic at times, overloading Virgo’s somewhat milder sensibilities. Virgo will tend to remain very even tempered and practical, frustrating his or her Sagittarian lover’s desire for excitement. Sagittarius will have a passion that will burn brightly but can die out over the long run, while you will have a more subdued flame that will tend to burn on forever. However, when Virgo will found a balance, his or her Sagittarian partner can inspire and motivate him or her and help in keeping his or her feet on the ground. Since both are common signs, communication will be is important for them. Both will be concerned with truth and honesty, and each of them will have a desire for reaching goals and achieving self improvement. They both will be natural teachers who want to share information that can benefit others, and here is where they may find their strongest common ground. In family, friendships, or business relationships, both of them will need to work together as a team.

In romantic relationships, a common goal or vision can be a foundation to build upon. If they ca respect each other’s unique viewpoint and style of expression, they can help each other to be more effective. Ruled by liberal Jupiter, Sagittarius will be expansive and extravagant, while Virgo will seek a simple, orderly life. Generally this combination will be difficult, but can sometimes work when Moon and Ascendant will be harmonious. If other placements support their relationship, they will inspire each other to greater heights. As long as both of them understand and respect their differences and share absorbing interests in common, they can work towards a very rewarding partnership. This will not be a perfect match made in haven.

Discriminating Virgo and outgoing Sagittarius will bring vastly different viewpoints to a relationship, though due to the fascination of difference, the sexual attraction can be intense. Sagittarius will love to break new ground, to explore the unknown, while Virgo will prefer to reflect and analyse. Virgo will be a perfectionist, so at first Sagittarian might be rather bewildered by the Virgo’s need to match the colours. Really these two signs will be a bit like the grasshopper and the ant, but intelligent communication and mutual appreciation that will clearly spell out can keep things running smoothly. Virgo, an earthy sign, will be practical and realistic rather than romantic, while Sagittarius is a fiery sign. The fiery Archer will have a reckless spirit and longs to shoot for the stars, while the more grounded Virgin will prefer to build systematically for future security. Both will be intellectual signs, but the way their minds will work clashes. Sagittarius will be a sucker for pure feeling, while Virgo will definitely be more of a thinker. This means that communication and mutual understanding will even be more important than with other signs. Virgo will be very fastidious and can be critical of the personal habits of others, so sloppy Sag will need to get it together fast. Virgo will prefer a stable, secure partnership, so their bed hoping proclivities will hardly go down a treat here. Virgo and Sagittarius both common signs so they will need to have absorbing external interests in common for the match to last very long.
A Virgo man and a Sagittarius woman can be good friends, but a step further in their relationship it would require conscious efforts. In this love match, the male will be not much into socializing and will have a nose for perfection. He will also have the tendency to, at times; over-criticize something done by the other. This will contradict the Archer’s bubbly and enthusiastic nature. If both the partners will be ready to make comprises and adjustments, this relationship might work.

The combination of a Virgo woman and Sagittarius man will not be likely to bring too much of happiness for either of them. They will be completely different when it comes to their personality traits and characteristics. While the male will be the excited and energetic and love to socialize and make new friends, the female will play the spoil sport. She will be the complaining types and will have a serious and somber attitudes towards life. While he would not satisfy her need for safety and security, she would wear him out by her excessive carefulness. While she will expect loyalty from the relationship, he will be of the flirtatious types.


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