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Know About Zodiac Signs: Virgo (Kanya), Chapter 6, Part - 18

Dr. Shanker Adawal


The union of a Virgo and a Scorpio will likely to result in one of the best zodiac matches. They will share a number of personality traits and characteristics, which will help to build a great bond between them. Both will share the practical and realistic approach towards life, but they will differ much in terms of emotions. While a Scorpio will be an emotional and utmost expressive, the Virgin will not show or give a hint of his feelings. There will also be a difference in their style of living. The Scorpion will be very courageous and adventurous by nature, which will be in sharp contrast to the cautious attitude of the Virgin. When Scorpion will meet Virgin there will be immediate interest. Scorpio will have an erotic nature and the Virgin will have hidden depths. Scorpio’s elemental Water will mix well with the Earth of Virgo. If romance will be in the air, they will set the bedroom a flame. They will be able to work and cooperate. Talk will be an important issue. Both of them will be cautious about expressing their inmost feelings, but at the end, the Virgin will like everything plain and up front. Thus, they will need to lay their cards on the table eventually, and this will not be easy for them. Even with such differences prevailing, instead of clash and conflict, harmony will seems to be on the cards for the couple. They would skillfully fill in where the other partner will fail and would result a happy picture. They would face no dearth in topics for indulging in intelligent and intellectual conversations. Since the Scorpion will be stronger willed and passionate of the two, things might get a little demanding for the shy Virgo. Nonetheless, the couple would have a great future together and have a happy and contented life.

Scorpios being a deep and mysterious will enjoy privacy and keeping their secrets. Mars, the ruler of this sign will make Scorpion a passionate warrior, ready to rise to the important challenges. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and therefore they might think that you have a little in common with this active and straightforward Virgo. Even though the Virgin will seems plain and practical, there will be depths to this being that will be hard to plumb. This is because Scorpio sits on the cusp of the Virgin’s third house which is also known as house of communication. Thus Scorpio may find in the Virgin someone in whom he or she can confide his or her secrets and someone he or she will learn to trust over time. In return, the Virgin will give a confidence. Virgo is a creature who does what will be the right, something Scorpion will come to respect. Scorpio will be a loyal and an unflagging ally once he will be committed. The Virgin will be a quick minded creature and love to analyze where Scorpion will be creative and imaginative. Nonetheless, they will admire and complement each other. Scorpion incisive perceptions will be a good match for the Virgin’s eye for detail. Scorpio is a fixed sign, where Virgo is a common, so Scorpion will be able to lead the way and give stability while the Virgin will contribute from behind the scenes. If they will share goals, they can accomplish anything. The sensual Scorpion will be an ardent lover, but jealous and possessive. In romance or business, they will share a unique companionship and this will be an ideal match.

The relationship between a Virgo man and a Scorpio woman will result in great compatibility. Both of them will go with each other beautifully, making up the other’s disability now and then, making a perfect union. There will be numerous characteristics which will be common to both and hence, things will turn out to be very pleasant at the end. While the Scorpio female will be overly expressive, the Virgo male may turn out to be impassive. However, they would hold deep sense of admiration for each other he would have high regards for her strength and resolve an she, in turn, would respect his need for perfection.

The coming together of a Virgo woman and a Scorpio man can be very successful. They would complement each other beautifully and the relationship would be beneficial for both. The Scorpio man would make her aware of things about herself which she was ignorant of. The passionate and intense feelings of the Scorpio male would bring out the hidden element of romance in her. The feeling security experienced in the presence of the other would be felt by both of them. There would be tiffs or arguments about one or the other thing, but the best way to prevent it would be to let the other have his/her says.


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