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Know About Zodiac Signs: Virgo (Kanya), Chapter 6, Part - 20

Dr. Shanker Adawal


Virgo, the Virgin and Capricorn, the Sea-Got can create a wonderful relation as both will be replicas of each other, with almost similar traits and characteristics. Even though this will be a naturally compatible combination, both will tend to take their time choosing companions. It may take some time to get this relationship off the ground. The double Earth influence in this relationship can make the two of them solid as a rock, but it can also keep them from achieving much growth. However, the two may become too contented with the status quo, never really moving beyond the comfort zone. Both will be realistic in their outlook towards life and believe in being very practical. They will be credible and authentic and will not engage in any childish behavior. Having the same viewpoint will be definitely beneficial as far as their compatibility is concerned, but it can take out fun and entertainment from their life. They will need to make cautious efforts to refrain from making their life dull and boring with too much predictability and realism. Fortunately, the Sea-Goat is a Cardinal Sign, who will be keen to attain whatever joint goals the two of them set. A Virgo lover should be included in a Capricorn’s endeavours, as he or she can be a wonderful asset and supporter. As a team, they will be likely to go very far as this will be a very natural and easy combination. Unless there will be difficult aspects between Moon and Ascendant, one can expect to have a long lasting and rewarding partnership. It will be a perfect match.

The coming together of a Virgo man and a Capricorn woman will pave way for an ideal combination. Both will complement each other beautifully and share similar traits. The love match will be such that when one will fail, always there will be other to lend him/her the support he/she wants. While the male would give her the security which she longs for, female would, in turn, provide the essence of love and care which he craves. All in all, this will be a perfect couple, in which the partner will enjoy a long, happy life together.

The understanding quotient between the Virgo woman and Capricorn man will be great. They will find a constant support system in each other which will never disappoint them. They would be true to each other and would gel in such a way that each would know when the other needs him/her even before he/she says it. The Goat would provide the Virgin the kind of support she is looking for, while she would savor him with love, affection and care. She would always support him and would work hard to make him achieve his dreams. Overall, they would have bliss and joy in the life shared with each other.
Some differences will also persist between the Virgin and the Goat. Implementation of their thoughts, in the form of action, will generally be different for both of them. Virgo will believe more on efforts rather than on planning, much unlike the Capricorn, who will spend more time on preparation. The best part of the union is that while the Capricorn will aspires to be on the top, the Virgo will always assist him in his progress, with unconditional service. Together, they will make a delightful couple and enjoy what life offers.


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