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Know About Zodiac Signs: Virgo (Kanya), Chapter 6, Part - 21

Dr. Shanker Adawal


The union of a Virgo and an Aquarian will be a sound one, as they will share great intellectual and mental compatibility. The couple can have a great chemistry when it comes to business. However, when the subject will be love, both will be in for a surprise. While the Virgo will be lucid, bright, logical and cool, the Aquarius can be composed, isolated and detached. The other difference between the two is that while Virgo can be predicted, an Aquarian will not give a chance to do so. The latter will be highly impulsive and erratic, a fact which will be disliked by the former. Another aspect of disparity between the Virgin and the Water Bearer is that while the former sees things as they are, the latter will take a wider aspect into consideration. An Aquarius will be led by creativity, which will have no logic and rationality, much unlike the logical and the coherent Virgo. Both of them will have a tough time bonding on an emotional level and lack much compatibility. There needs to be constant conscious efforts by both the partners to make this match work as well on the love front as the business tie up.

The only other sign more likely to remain single than Virgo, the Virgin, is Aquarius, the elusive Water-Bearer, but it is for entirely different reasons. Virgo will be simply very discriminating, waiting for that one special, perfect person who will meet his or her high expectations and specific requirements. Aquarius, on the other hand, will want to experience the whole world as a lover and can’t imagine having to settle down with just one for life. Freedom will be a big issue for Aquarius. While this might not be the best combination for a romantic relationship, it can be an excellent connection for a meeting of the minds. As Aquarius is a Fixed Sign, the Water-Bearer can be remarkably loyal and dedicated. As Saturn will be powerful here, this also translates to stubborn and obstinate. As a more flexible common sign, they will be more concerned with the communicating with and supporting others. Virgo will be aware of details that need to be considered in almost every situation, but Aquarius will be the everyman who can connect with a great range of personalities. When they will put their skills together, they will make a formidable political team. They both will be rational and intellectual, tending to view love in the abstract. Aquarius will be legendary for emotional detachment, yet Virgo too have his or her share of emotional restrictions. Virgo will need to be aware that Aquarius is interested in other people, in causes, and in setting the world right. Virgo’s need for personal achievement and financial security will not really register very strongly on the Aquarian scale. Although this will be a difficult combination, but can work well in business and less in personal relationships. In intimate or family connections, more harmonious connections between the Moon and Ascendant can improve personal understanding and foster emotional closeness. Without such connections, this will be a very difficult match.

Lots of efforts and adjustments would be required to make the relationship of a Virgo man and an Aquarius woman to work. While the Virgo male will indulges in a lot of negative thinking, the Aquarius female will believe in optimism and would always see the brighter side of things. The bond between the two would be very inspirational, as each of them would help the other achieve what he/she has dreamt of. However, the relationship will be far more successful when the bond is on business level, rather than emotional level.

The initial phase of this relationship would result in a strong bond between the two, but things would start to steep downwards with time. While the Aquarius male would appreciate her rational and logical thinking initially, she would be attracted to his far flung ideas and his dreaminess. However, the attraction will be for a matter of time only and gradually, things would start getting much opposite to what one expects. Both the partners would start seeing the negative aspect of the other and fail to find anything positive in their bond. This love match can be successful only if both the partners will learn to accept the other the way he/she is.


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