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Know About Zodiac Signs: Virgo (Kanya), Chapter 6, Part - 9

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Physical structure:

The natives born under this sign will be usually of middle or tallish stature, well formed, with oval face, a musical voice, and elegant manner. They will be graceful and charming with well proportioned figures. As a general rule, Virgo subjects are of average height or a little above, although some may be below average. Generally the head of the native will be round in shape, rather short but well proportioned. The face will be strong and intellectual in appearance with clear cut features. The lips will be full but delicately shaped and the teeth will be customarily perfect. The complexion of these natives tends to be quite fair, clear and rather good, but the skin will be extremely sensitive and inclined toward oiliness during the younger years. Often, the hands and feet feel rough and drawn after washing. The eyes of a Virgo would probably best be described as soulful and large, normally brown or blue in color.

Eating Habits:

Virgo will be fussy eaters and would eat only those things which they love. They will be very choosy in case of food and if given anything other than their favorites, would surely create a mess. Generally these natives will be very fond of the pleasures of the food but will be somewhat dainty in their tastes. Usually they will be blessed with an instinctive ability to choose what is valuable and useful for sustaining life, rejecting the useless and harmful. Normally natives born under this sign will be unable to eat any and every types of food which will be scorched or cooked improperly and will have faith in the efficiency of dieting as a means to ward off illness. Correct diet and regular habits will have much meaning for these  natives.


Internally, Virgo governs the abdominal region, large and small intestines, spleen, solar plexus, lower lobes of the liver, pancreas and portal veins. It also exerts some influence on the generative organs. Externally, this sign rules the umbilicus, hands and nails. Structurally, it rules the carpal bones and also has influence over the sinuses, respiratory system and bowels. Being of a nervous temperament, these natives will often find it difficult to relax at night from the day’s activity and any form of excitement, worry or mental disturbance will be apt to affect the appetite. When sick, Virgo natives should not resort to any strong emetics or cathartics since these can be particularly injurious to these natives. Their body can reject artificial medicines or food and eating anything can be quite harmful to these natives when they will be upset or angry. Thus, these subjects should live naturally and quietly, depending more on rest and the powers of nature to restore them to good health. Here, the mental condition has much to do with determining health or sickness. If material affairs will be upset or going wrong, then the health will suffer. However, if everything will be flourishing nicely, then the health will be good.

A proper diet will be essential to maintain the good health and energy of the Virgo natives. To remain healthy, it will be vital that the diet does not contain any foods which are highly seasoned, fried, spicy or laden with sauces and/or gravies. Honey should be used as a sweetener instead of sugar and herbal teas can help to soothe upset stomachs. Virgo natives harbor a particular love of chocolate but, unfortunately, it will not love them, often causing problems with the skin and digestive system. Drugs will not be well tolerated and any medicine should be taken only under the supervision of a doctor. They will need harmony, peace and quiet in their environment in order to flourish. They will probably be at their healthiest and happiest living in meadowlands or on tree covered plains.


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