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Know About Zodiac Signs: Virgo (Kanya), Chapter 6, Part - 10

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Common diseases:

This sign governs the bowels, the solar plexus, and the spleen. It is an earthy, feminine, nocturnal, human speaking, dry, common sign of the Zodiac. The higher attributes are circulation and vibration. Virgo will be most susceptible to ailments of the throat and eyes. In addition, there may be problems associated with irregularities of the digestive systems and blood impurities. Eczema will also be common while anxiety, constitutional changes and the weather will all likely to upset the Virgo system. In short, these souls will be inclined to live on their nerves and strain of any kind will seek out the weakest areas of the nerves and strain of any kind will seek out the weakest areas of the body. Virgo is the one sign of the Zodiac, which is credited with an almost total immunity from disease, and yet Virgo will be those who are apt to be experimenting with drugs and physicians, and they will seldom need either, even when living on what may be termed a purely animal plane. Usually they will be restored from fatigue or the appearance of illness by a few hours with nature. There will be certain stomach troubles and nervous conditions assigned those born under Virgo and who will be careless and neglectful of themselves. They can have them or not as they choose.

Love Life:

Virgos will be perfectionists in love just as they will be in other areas of life. They will need partners who will be tolerant, open-minded and easy-going. They will appreciate practical and useful things and will hate impractical romantic gestures. They will express their love through pragmatic and useful gestures, and they will not be of that type who will always say I love you to their partners. They will always be there for whom they love; they will show an interest in his or her health and finances; and will do each and every work. Virgos will deem these actions to be superior in place of sending flowers, chocolates or St. Valentine’s cards etc.

In love affairs Virgos will not be particularly passionate or spontaneous. It will be just the way Virgos happens to be. What they will lack in passion, they will make up that in dedication and loyalty. They will not like narrow mindedness person to be their loved one. They like their partners to be broad-minded, with depth and vision. Virgos will seek to get this broad minded quality from their partners, since they sometimes lack it themselves. These natives will be more intelligent and analytical than emotional, which will serve them well in complex tasks but may prevent them from establishing deep relationships.
People look up to Virgo for friends because they will be straight thinkers and solve problems logically. They will be truthful, loyal and determined. Some people might find them cold or emotionally detached because they will live in their minds, not in their emotions and feelings. It might be hard to pin down how a Virgo friend will be feeling because they will easily live in denial. A person who will be able to read deep into another person will notice when Virgo will not be well but if they will confront them about it, they would rather retreat then talk about it. It will be best to keep your emotional distance from a Virgo friend unless they open up to you first. Virgo might try to analyze and control a friend’s life but only with the idea that they will improve their life, not purely for the sake of controlling. Be patient with your Virgo friend and understand that their recommendations will be only to make your life better. As time will progress, sex with Virgo will become more and more sensual. These will be not the type of people who will engage in a one night stand, they will be too reserved and prudish for that. Expect sex to be direct and straightforward, no fancy moves, places or games. Virgo is not a highly sexed zodiac sign and will not place much importance on it, if anything they consider sex to be gross and dirty. Once a relationship will be solid, Virgo will be willing to experiment a little bit with techniques and foreplay but like everything else involving a Virgo, it takes time to develop once all the advantages and disadvantages have been thoroughly weighed out.


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