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Know About Zodiac Signs: Virgo (Kanya), Chapter 6, Part - 8

Dr. Shanker Adawal

These little ones will be immensely quick to form likes and dislikes, which will be primarily manifested in the discrimination displayed in the selection of their food. In short, these little ones are tremendously national. The digestive system of Virgo children should be carefully monitored, particularly as to stomach and bowel disorders. Indeed, many a Virgo child between the age of six and ten has experienced a narrow escape with regard to such ailments. The skin here is fine and sensitive, so coarse clothing should be totally avoided and their hair should never be combed or brushed with anything but the utmost care. In order for the Virgo child to flourish, he or she will need pure food, pure air, much kindness and the early acceptance of personal cleanliness and neatness. As this little one will grow, the personality will develop. With the maturity into adulthood, the young Virgo will exhibit plenty of energy and determination, together with a love of learning and the spending of much time in formulating plans. Usually these children will be moderately lucky throughout life and will have the tendency to marry when quite young.

The Virgo girl will be reserved, somewhat shy and rather inclined to spend much of her time fussing over “this and that.” A die-hard perfectionist, she will usually perfectly organize and something of a “neat freak” who will love to make lists, even lists of lists. This meticulous disposition will lead her to be industrious and efficient. She will be choosy in almost every aspect of life, including friendships, and prone to select companions who will be as health conscious as herself. Since Virgo rules the nervous system, young ladies governed by this sign will be prone to anxiety, frequently caused by all the worrying related to small details. Studious and hard-working, the Virgo girl will tend to get good grades, which will bring her much satisfaction. Still, this young lady will not seek glory and will simply desire the good feelings which will accrue from a job well done. A good academic school will be suitable for her and she will likely to be spending plenty of time researching the options in order the select the perfect one.

The Virgo boy will be both particular and fussy, as well as being neat and clean. He will like to look sharp but will be practical with his money. Indeed, he will tend to take a practical and logical approach to all aspects of his life. This boy will never be what is considered a smooth talker, almost invariably delivering his feelings in an honest and straightforward manner. Very academic by nature, this young fellow will thrive on anything that will stimulate the mind; for example chess and advanced calculus. However, the trade off means there will be little time or energy for physical endeavors. Nonetheless, the boy governed by Virgo will probably garner top grades, gaining him entry to the best schools. This will be all part of his big plan, a plan which will be sure to include a successful career. Although seeming somewhat anxious and shy, the Virgo boy will be definitely going places and can be counted upon every step of the way. The children born under this sign are the true children of Nature. They have strong likes and dislikes, with a dominant will power, quick discrimination and understanding, and very early in life show a talent for a business career. Their attention should never be called to the evil in the world, or to the faults of their companions, as this is very apt to prove a contamination, which will embitter the whole life.

When once those born under this sign will become aware of that there is something besides the pleasures that arise from money and intellectual pursuits, they will grow spiritually very fast, and the natural analytical tendency which made them so disagreeable, so hard to get along with, will becomes a great power for good. When this keen intellectual discrimination will be vitalized by spiritual love and the desire to help, which is love’s distinguishing characteristic, these Virgo people will be very reliable and inspiring. They can attain great heights and draw many to them because of a naturally strong magnetic influence, which increases as the impulse to rise develops.


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