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Know About Zodiac Signs: Virgo (Kanya), Chapter 6, Part - 7

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Virgo Child:

The child born with this Lagna will be of medium stature with attractive and beautiful eyes. He will have charming personality. He will be courteous and truthful. His handstands shoulders will be drooping downwards. He will have a sharp intellect and an aptitude for art and literature. He will be of somewhat shy nature. A virgo child will be honest and reliable. He would not shy away from taking any responsibility and would be logical and rational in his thought process. Understanding and analyzing people will be a part of the kid’s development and assists in his emotional and intellectual growth. A Virgo kid values time and will be never late for anything. He will also be an avid reader. He will consider himself a perfectionist and might get upset if he will forget something that he had memorized. A Virgo Kid will rarely questions authority, but frequently questions facts. Hygiene and cleanliness will be his inherent characteristics. He would always keep his room clean and tidy. He will be an observer and would love to study his surroundings, rather than involving himself in crying. Sincere and disciplined, a Virgo child will make life easier for his parents. He will not have to be told time and again, what to do and what not to indulge in. When instructed lovingly, he would do only what he has been asked for. Virgo children will be quick, alert and excellent mimics. They can learn many things in a short duration of time.

They will be fussy eaters and would eat only those things which they love. They will be very choosy in case of food and if given anything other than their favorites, would surely create a mess. They will usually get upset when they will be teased or mocked at. They will usually get upset when they will be eased or mocked at. They will shy away from social gatherings and can feel lonely and isolated when they will be at a new place. They will need to be encouraged to mingle with people and make new friends. However, at home, they will be very active and would happily imitate the adults. Courtesy of an abundance of nervous energy, the little Virgo will be a child in constant motion. It will be vital that such energy has something constructive to do; otherwise restlessness and boredom will soon set in. Here the most serious potential problem will be tension mixed with over worry. It will be important to note that even the tiniest child can benefit from learning some relaxation techniques and it will be accepted all the more readily if a game is made of the process. He will be a very practical soul, one with a great deal of common sense and an acute critical ability, which will stand the young Virgo in good stead when it will come to much of his or her school work. However, if left unchecked, the small Virgo can easily lose the inherently fragile self confidence when the inner voice begins to nag. By virtue of the fact that these children are ruled by Mercury, they will be very communicative and love to talk. They will be lively in arguments and debates with a good head for details. The little Virgo will be excellent at forward planning and may well surprise his or her parents with the maturity of some of the thought out notions.

By nature generally neat and clean, Virgo children will love books, reading and writing. The penmanship is usually clear and legible with school work being meticulously researched and presented. A very hard and willing little worker, this child will often appear to be striving for the position of teacher’s pet, but nothing could be further from the truth that he or she will simply love to keep busy and fails to see the point of wasting time or idly sitting around. Other children may misinterpret the shyness of the little Virgo as diffidence thus it will be important for any caregiver to encourage socialization as much as possible. Instinctively flexible, this little one will quickly adapt to new people and new places, provided he or she will be given the opportunity. Nonetheless, a place that he or she can call his or her own house will be very important to this child from an early age. Somewhere to be quiet and store personal possessions apart from the rest of the household will need to be provided. Above all, other more boisterous siblings or family members should not be allowed to interfere with this little one’s toys or hobbies. They will not only want to know “why,” but will also insist on being told “how”. There will be an insatiable thirst here for knowledge coupled with the capability of winning awards and grants leading to higher education. By nature, the Virgo child will harbors a great love of method and order. As a general rule, this child will have his or her own way in the home, but will need to be taught that an unkind criticism will often be more painful and lasting in its effects than a physical injury. Thus, the habit of unkindly judgment should be disciplined from an early age; otherwise the Virgo child will be liable to become an exceedingly disagreeable and acrimonious adult.


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