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Know About Zodiac Signs: Leo (Simha), Chapter 5, Part - 17

Dr. Shanker Adawal


Virgo the Virgin and Leo the Lion will make an interesting if not totally compatible pair. The Lion will be extremely gregarious, extrovert, dominant and charismatic white the Virgo will be withdrawn, humble, shy and modest. Lions love to rule and the Virgin will have the desire to serve, which on the surface might make this a perfect couple. However, there will be more to life than the master/slave relationship. Because Leo is a fiery sign and Virgo is an earthy sign, they will be perfectly capable of destroying each other. Virgo can smother the Leo’s enthusiasm with no-nonsense practicality, but the Leo will have the power to scorch the Virgin’s senses with over the top displays of emotion. Virgo is thrifty and even parsimonious. The over criticizing nature of the Virgo may not be taken by the sensitive Lion very well. On the other hand, the latter’s outgoing and sociable nature will be a matter of concern in this love match. His taken for granted attitude will also not welcomed by the passive Virgo. This match can be described as two opposites are coming together. Initially, there may be nothing significant between the two. However, with time, something would click between the two and a relationship will evolve. While the gregarious and socializing nature of a Leo is extremely alien to the meek Virgin, their need for perfection will match each others.

Leo will reward Virgo’s attentiveness with generosity and will be sincerely appreciative of your supportive efforts. However, if Virgo will not take turn towards serving and being served, this arrangement can soon turn ugly. Virgo’s ruler Mercury makes it easy for him or her to find the right words to make the special people in their life feel wonderful or feel terrible, depending on their mood. It will be up to Virgo natives to communicate their needs to the regal Lion, who will honestly do want to please. The furry Lion can not read Virgo’s mind and would not understand that when Virgo are critical, he or she is usually suffering from hurt or insecurity. Leo will be generous and love to throw money around like confetti, so Virgo would better suppress his or her thriftier instincts if he or she wants this match to last.

The union of a Leo man and a Virgo woman can result in a successful relationship. While he will take the lead, she will be happy being at home. Her need for perfection will be reflected in her house, where she will keep everything spick and span, just as her desires. If, after so much of efforts, he will get too occupied to complement her, problems will be bound to crop up. Even the dominating nature of Leo male will not go down well with the Virgo female. This will lead to in rifts in the relationship. While she will be too criticizing for the sensitive Lion, he will bear her down with his nature. Lots and lots of understanding will be required to make things work.

The coming together of a Leo woman and a Virgo will have low possibility of leading to a relationship with a good compatibility. This will be because of their opposing qualities. The Leo woman will love to dominate and this trait would not be readily accepted by the Virgo man. His inability to express his feelings and emotions could make her feel unloved, especially she being overtly expressive. Another thing which will come as a barrier between the Leo female and the Virgo male will be her outgoing nature and love for adventure, which will be contrary to his stay at home attitude. Both will need to work hard to maintain the initial infatuation for the rest of their lives.

They will have to learn to respect each other’s differences; which will be the only way to get along. Both will be very physical and can be personally affronted if the Virgo mate will not be inclined to match the Lion’s ardor. Virgo’s reserved nature will be frustrating for the Lion and can lead to quarrels. They will love to be appreciated and thrive on praise, but Virgo will be more inclined to be picky and will like to deflate what could by some be considered “inflated” egos. This combination works best when there are more harmonious connections between your Moon and Ascendant signs. With a bit of patience and understanding, this can be a very rewarding match. However this will not be an easy match.


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