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Know About Zodiac Signs: Leo (Simha), Chapter 5, Part - 18

Dr. Shanker Adawal


Leo and Libra will share a great chemistry and will have a happy future with each other, making up a perfect union. The positive and the negative traits of one would complement that of the other, resulting in a long-lasting relationship. The scrumptious concoction of Libra, the Scales, and Leo the Lion, will be a cool mix. Libra is the focal point of elegance and chic in the zodiac and likes to seek relationship with an avid fascination. The Libra would calm and soothe the vibrant Lion, who in turn would entice the former with his charming personality and well mannered nature. The indecisiveness of a Libra can also be dealt with easily, as the Lion would teach his/her partner to make decisions more easily and act on them without taking too much time. Leo will be truly charmed by Libra’s artistic, elegant, easygoing stance, and Libra will be fascinated by the confident air of command of the Leo. As for the dominance of the Lion, it will be equated by the Libran with tact and diplomacy. Libra’s playful, imaginative approach to love will be the ideal blend with Leo’s energy.

Both will have romanticness and the sexual harmony will be delightful. Romance will be high on cards for this couple. Since both of them will be highly romantic, they would enjoy each other’s creativity on the love front. Creating the right environment for love will be very important, and a failure to do so on the Leo’s part will most likely lead to a rapid, though decorous, retreat. Air stimulates fire and will help it to grow and develop. Libra is an airy sign and Leo is a fiery sign, so the partnership will be very dynamic. A Leo and a Libra will have similar lifestyles as well and their pairing would always have great compatibility levels. When one halts to catch a breath, the other would be right there to make up for the loss. The energy will be mutually stimulating and appreciative of each other. All in all, a Leo and a Libra will form a perfect love match and they would always compensate for each other, having a blissful and romantic life. This energizing and satisfying combination will be a perfect match. Overall it will be a perfect match.

This meeting will be truly blessed and in fact, it will be an ideal match. Sensual Libra and dramatic Leo will be a stylish and dynamic duo, one which will catch fire in the bedroom and maintains the energy through thick and thin. When Cardinal Scales will encounter with fixed Lion, it will be the Scales who must learn to give ground. For of all signs of zodiac, Libra will be the best other oriented sign. Notwithstanding, the wise Lion will learn from Libra, both to listen and to discuss. To remember the rules about Fire and Air will be the way to get the best from both of them. Too much air and the fire will burn out of control; and too little and the flame will stifles and will die. Libra will be a leader and a thinker, so his or her ideas can stimulate his or her fiery mate to action. However, if Libra will allow debate to become too protracted, or become fatally indecisive, the Lion will lose patience. Leo will be a fixed sign with a firm attitudinal base. He should gently encourage his or her furry Beast to see the other side of things. Lions will be generous and will love to show help when asked, but generally Lions will think that they are always right and don’t see the other’s point of discussion. If Libra blind Leo with science, the Lions will retreat to an accustomed position and snarl or sulk. If he or she will tell the Lion what to do, Lions will fight with a persistence that wears him or her out. On a straight course, the Lion will be stronger and more determined than Libra, more loyal companion and will stand by his Libra partner through thick and thin. The Lion will be a proud creature and Libra should never demean him or her or make fun in public. At the same time, he or she should not be afraid to scrap with the Lion, just so he or she can give in gracefully. Leo is a fiery sign and will need a vigorous workout.

The union of a Leo man and a Libran woman would result in a fantastic, long-term relationship, where each would complement the other. A great chemistry would bud between the Leo male and the Libra female. While he will love to be the leader and take decisions, she will be happy following him. The duo will be amicable and love to interact with people and make friends. Both of them would be the cynosure of the eyes around them and appreciate the finer things in life. Romance, passion, love, fun and excitement will be the high points in their life.

A Leo woman and a Libran man will pose as a great romantic couple and would too each other often. They will have a lot in common when it comes to their basic personality and characteristics and thus, will have fun doing different activities together. On the love front, the Libra male would be the creative one of the two and come out with interesting ways to please the Leo female. She, on the other hand, would be full of appreciation, care and attention for him. This is an utmost romantic association and has all the possibilities of turning into a meaningful relationship.


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