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I meet a lot of people. Want to share this observation in relationships ( extra marital if you would like to call then ) which is : The woman at a point wants the 'girl' within her to be NURTURED - happens with MEN who wants the 'boy' to be pampered - every marriage forgets the GIRL - BOY after a point in the RUN for meeting end and providing for the future - this urge of 'the girl in marriage which manifests in pampering by different ways' when met by some one of the opposite sex in different situations - ignites a relationship which is NOT LOVE. It has NO strong footing and does PASS AWAY within a short time. In some cases the partner suspects and the issues & COMPLICATIONS .In OTHERS it is guilt. Lot many it fades. The love & relationship that binds a marriage ( this is an institution created by society & rulers ) must never FORGET the GIRL within a WOMAN never DIES . It is the genesis of all problems in marriage as i have hear so many ------. Thought of sharing - hope i could express myself.

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