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Know About Zodiac Signs: Gemini (Mithun), Chapter 3, Part - 15

Dr. Shanker Adawal


Lively Gemini and sensual Cancer are often attracted to each other, but deep down they will have little in common. The auras of both will be with many shades because they both are so moody. When their auras will mix, it will represent every color of the spectrum. Both of them will be dreamers and expert in the art of getting publicity. Both will have vivid imaginations and they will incline to laugh in public and cry in private. The Crab is intriguingly emotional and passionate, so can certainly satisfy a Gemini native’s physical need. A flirtatious Gemini can make a Crab feel insecure, so an affair will likely to be quite volatile. Though the cheery wit of the Twins will be one of the key points of attraction, unfortunately, the twin habit of playing games with love will soon wound the sensitive Crab. As the Gemini is mutable and therefore natives born under this sign will prefer to dash around here and there, communicating ideas and dreams like being the Big Boss and running the show while the Crab is cardinal and natives born under this sign will definitely do not enjoy communicating their own secrets and prefer to run things not necessarily out fro with a brass band but still very much in charge.

Usually Cancer will look for more commitment than a Gemini is likely to give, especially I the early stages of their relationship. Cancer seeks to protect and provide for loved ones and family and also wants ownership and possession, with stability and security. There has to be enough in common between the two to carry on with the relationship. Sensual Cancer, a watery sign is ruled by the changing Moon, while chatty Gemini, an airy sign is ruled by communicative Mercury. They will need to develop mutual goals and work together on projects that they can share, so that the energies can be put to work. Cancer is a cardinal sign, so will be motivated to work hard and follow an inner light, while the Gemini’s social networking skills and lively command of language can be a fantastic asset.

This 2-12 pattern where Gemini is behind the Cancer and the Cancer is immediately ahead the Gemini, Cancer woman will secretly understand his restive nature from an unconscious soul memory of what it was like to be careless and casual and free of strong emotional ties. The typical Gemini man will not keep a wish for which he has no further need. He will be unable to understand her need to hang on to thing. He will not understand that with a Cancer woman an interplanetary war is always a possibility and she wants to be prepared for it. He will become impatient with  her ingrained economical streak if she tries to transfer her financial fears to him. His more casual attitude towards human relationship will puzzles her.

In their sexual relationship pure physical sensation will be less emphasized than the passions of the mind and a kind of emotional eroticism. Her affectionate tenderness and vivid imagination will be a good balance for his delicate touch and his sensitive sexual nature. When they will be expressing their love on a physical level, they may even find that missing piece to be the puzzle of each other. Their most ideal sexual fulfillment together may frequently be experienced during the Full Moon.

A Cancerian man lives in his sensations, emotions and imaginations. When Cancerian possessiveness crosses sword with the Gemini insistence on freedom, the clash can cut into their dreams cruelly. They can find their share of happiness together but it will take patience on her part and some adaptability on his. It will not be so easy as her ruling planet Mercury does not send out patient vibes and his ruling Moo changes too frequently to count on any one phase remaining for long. He will pass through a mood of reckless abandon to match hers, then return to his hard shell before she is even had a chance to enjoy it. Since both of them will live in a world of fantasy and dreams, their sexual rapport can be stimulating for her and fulfilling for him. He will supply the sensual sensitivity and the affection and she will supply the imagination and the variety. Some times a Cancerian man will respect the Gemini woman so much that he may not seem to abandon himself to total passion with her as he consider her as very fragile. But she will not as fragile as he thinks and always wish to be taken as an adult woman and not as a child.

Usually Cancer will be the one who will take care of family affairs and, in general, will be more attentive to people’s feelings and emotional needs. Cancer will also be more attached to the past, fond memories, places, and friends than Gemini. Sometimes Gemini will be indifferent to the concerns of Cancer, and often simply cannot become as emotionally involved about an issue or situation as Cancer. Even if Gemini is a caring, sensitive person, Cancers still find concerns are expressed differently and are directed less personally than those of Cancer. Gemini will often want to approach problems intellectually by discussing them whereas Cancer will seek a change in attitude and feels that talking often evades the underlying problems. Many of the misunderstandings between them will arise because Gemini will be more emotionally detached and rational, while Cancer will be more subjective, emotionally involved, and unable to be as articulate and reasonable as Gemini.

Paradoxically, both will be attracted to one another for the same reason. Gemini’s mental agility and wit will appeal to Cancer and Cancer’s sensitivity and depth of feeling will attract Gemini, and both will have much to learn from one another. If there will be excellent compensating aspects between Moon and other chart factors then only one can expect this match to endure for very long. This relationship is not going to easy. However, if you the two can stick with it, it will prove emotionally satisfying and rewarding. It will not be a perfect match.


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