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Know About Zodiac Signs: Gemini (Mithun), Chapter 3, Part - 14

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Compatibility of Gemini with other Zodiac signs


The Combination has so much in common that its hard to find a more versatile, charming, or vivacious opponent in the endless game of love. They will never get bored of each other, because both are interested in almost everything. They would set a frenetic pace for each other, but then neither would ever dream of slowing down. A Gemini and a Gemini equals a group of four bright and active persons tossing ideas, dreams and challenges back and forth between themselves and the world at large. When two Geminis merge and get their vibes, rhythms and mental perspectives working in a parenthetic pattern, the four of them can use each other as a reassuring tie to reality. Each Gemini contains a twin mirror image of himself or herself; in other words, the positive and negative poles of his or her personality. The trouble arises when seldom a Gemini confused about himself or herself that who is real one due to his or her split personalities.

Naturally when a pair of Gemini decides to tangle their temperaments then things can get pretty crisscrossed. Some of them can sort themselves out from the myriad disguises and conflicting desires of their natures. Easygoing and independent, the Geminian couple can just as easily work together to please each other in bed. Jealousies will hardly ever a problem, though storms can blow up quickly, due to the mutual penchant of the Twins for flirtation and underhand trickery. But they will never fail to stimulate each other in the course of their relationship. But generally they would like to have someone stronger to fall back on in a crisis of confidence, which will arise from time to time. The trickster aspect of Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury will always be hiding behind the sharp Gemini intellect, revealing itself in all manner of minor and major ways. A blend of Gemini and Gemini has the advantage of creating an atmosphere of freedom of thought and movements so that their combined intellects can click into action unhampered by petty jealousies, suspicions and restriction.

But there will also be some disadvantages to their association which they will have to face and find a way to erase between them. Lacking of stability of the more prosaic between Gemini and Gemini can tempt each other to scatter their talents. Neither one will hold down nor able to provide necessary patience and dependability for success on both emotional as well as material level. Only few of their dreams and schemes will take off and if the do there could be  crash landing. They will have to be more cautious and less casual if they still want to make it all work out harmoniously.

All typical Geminis happened to be naturally glib, bright conversationalists and when two of them will meet, both will talk a lot and it will appear that they are not thinking of one another seriously. The dialogue between them will normally flash with wit and sparkle with imagination. These two relate to one another physically through sexual love in kind of kaleidoscopic pattern one might expect. It will be light, often stormy, sometimes shipping love into hurricanes of passion, sometimes calming it into quiet gentle affection. The ways in which they will express their love on a physical level will be as multiple faceted, sensitive and changeable as the ways they express it on the mental and emotional levels and that will take their sexual behavior from acrobatic embraces to underwater or helicopter. The desire of one Gemini will be filled by other with the cool touch of spring breeze or the hot or tropical wind of monsoon. They will have to use their imaginations to comprehend the potential of their physical compatibility. Although their sexual experience will not be deep, earthy and sensual but they can dream up some satisfying substitutes together.

Overall this will be a fine match and the two will not get bored, though the relationship will perhaps be too unstable in the long run. Gemini is inclined to be superficial, unstable, and very restless. The hardest thing in this relationship will be to get (or give) a strong commitment, so drifting apart will be a possibility if they are not focused. However, with good planetary connections, this can be a truly excellent match.


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