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Know About Zodiac Signs: Gemini (Mithun), Chapter 3, Part - 16

Dr. Shanker Adawal


Dramatic Leo and communicative Gemini will get attracted instantly when they meet. Practically it will be a love at first sight. Because their signs will be sextile, they will be intuitive about each other and incline to friendship despite any differences between them. When they whistle a tune together in harmony it will be easier to convince them that all is well. He will be a lover whom Geminian can really enjoy and who will return the favour. Leo’s regal eye will be caught and immediately fascinated by the lively, communicative Twins. Fire and Air together ignite blazing passions, so Leo will readily respond to the playful, flirtatious sexuality of Gemini. This relationship will have wheels and could really go somewhere.

Gemini will be adventurous and will try anything exciting, new, or off the beaten track. So long as it involves another stimulating item to add to the wide ranging repertoire of the Twins, just about any sexual height can be attained, providing that it does not become habit. Gemini, a multiple sign, will need a stronger and more stable partner. Again, Leo will fit the bill perfectly. Gemini will have a fine grasp of the endless possibilities in any given situation, So this can really liven up Leo’s sense of what can be done. However, Leo may become jealous, due to the Twins’ casual approach to love as Leo will be more intense than airy Gemini. Such a dual nature may not be satisfied with just one partner. Gemini will be tolerant of most things including infidelity and will expect the same tolerance form the Lion. It will be the hardest thing to put up with in this relationship.

The will feel a strong tie of friendship, whatever relationship they both share. There will be mutual trust and much care of communication back and forth. They are very different yet these differences will have little or no effect on their respect for each other. There could be sense of responsibility, some sort of inescapable duty that brings them together and strengthen the bond between them. They will find these individuals easy to share their feelings. They will constantly stimulate each other into changing habits and existing situation. There will be chances of close friendship with these people and will remain friends always. Any quarrel will be quickly resolved and forgotten.

Sexually both will be quite open, and time in bed usually will be full of fun and satisfying. Gemini is a real social butterfly and loves to circulate. The proud and possessive Lion should not be given a cause for jealousy through appearing to prefer the company of a potential rival. Such flirtatious behaviour may wound the vanity of the Lion, so a Geminian will have to remain careful. Gemini, a mutable sign, needs a stronger, more stable partner, while Leo, a fixed sign, needs to be opened to greater potential. They can easily do this as they will have a fine grasp of the endless possibilities in any given situation. Leo can be bossy, vain and demanding, but Geminian will be lighthearted and witty, so they can defuse any time-bombs long before they go off. Gemini will also have a very cutting tongue, which can slash even Leo’s ego with cutting remarks and disturbingly accurate thrusts. Geminian should always remember to control their sharp tongue otherwise regal Leo’s claws will soon be slashing. Although the Lion can be possessive (out of pride and loving to be the centre of attention), Leo can keep up with Geminian wide ranging interests and certainly does not mind their coming up with new ideas for lovemaking, parties and travel.

Every Lioness quiet naturally will have an instinctive desire to tame the man she loves and make him her exclusive property. Her need will be for absolute faithful and stronger man who will cherish her without reservations. Gemini is an airy sign which will be driven constantly by the need for change. He will be more slippery and elusive person. Since the Gemini man will be bore by most females as they all will be seem same to him, the Leo woman will have to convince him that she is not like all the others. Sexual compatibility of these will often require certain mutual adjustments and compromises. The Gemini man and Leo woman both will be extravagant with words and with money.

In case of woman being Geminian and man being Leo, he will often deny his superiority complex and will try to hide his exaggerated need for respect but he will not be able to fool a Geminian woman. A Leo will on stage at work, exercising his vanity and passing out his wisdom can afford to be a little meek socially, especially when he has a Gemini wife. As these signs happen to be at 3-11 pattern, often sacrifice will require in this relationship. Because Leo will be more fixed and therefore more practical than the mutable Gemini, her erratic behavior could spark some angry sputters from the Leo. Although the Gemini woman will be delighted with his strength of purpose, his loyalty, intelligence and integrity, she might turn moody and restless on the Leo and distract him when he is trying to do something. For a warm hearted Leo, sex will synonymous with both affection and passion while there will something vaguely aloof about Gemini love. He will seduce her emotionally and physically but her mind will refuse to be fully committed to sensual abandon. Since Gemini is a natural linguist, she should be capable of translating her Leo’s arrogant and regal commands into the language of passion and need.

Socially, both of them will try to upstage the other, but have a lot of fun together doing it. Gemini’s natural charm and fondness for social networking will reflect and underpinned by the deep strength and powerful heart of Leo. Together you make a great team, with good long-term potential. It’s a perfect match.


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