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Know About Zodiac Signs: Gemini (Mithun), Chapter 3, Part - 17

Dr. Shanker Adawal


Gemini, the Twins and Virgo, the Virgin, are attracted through a common interest in intellectual ideas, though they will have their differences. This will be one of those combinations that will take a bit more effort than most, but the rewards of their mutual cooperation will be worth it. This combination will not be the easiest in the Zodiac. The legendary flirtatiousness of a Geminian can be threatening and upsetting to the cooler Virgin, who tends to be much more serious about showing his or her affections. The playful Gemini may indeed seem like heartless children to the more sensible and serious Virgos. There can be some blazing rows as a consequence; both will have sharp tongues and acute comprehension of each other’s weaknesses. Gemini, an airy sign, will not be really interested in setting down, or worrying about practical and domestic matters, at least not until nearing 30. Discriminating Virgo, an earthy sign, will be pragmatic, but very choosy; so many Virgos will also play the waiting game before selecting a mate. Thus, Virgo will be available, and will make a surprising and satisfying soul mate. On the other hand, if The Twins will be interested in getting started on family-building early, they should look elsewhere. Either way, this combination will take adjustments and patience from both sides, making mutual maturity added insurance for long term success.

A Gemini man and Virgo woman may find each other fascinating but will also find each other frustrating. They fall in love through mutual curiosity. She will be thrilled with the possibilities of casual, careless living so charmingly endorse by him white he will be flattered with her rapt attention, alert mind and her very feminine manner. A Gemini man may be somewhat unsuccessful in this area because he is an air sign. Although air signs will not be unsympathetic but there will be a certain detachment and aloof coolness about them which can lead an earthy sign like Virgo feeling empty, somehow unfulfilled. If Geminian woman will not take him too seriously their relationship can be mentally exciting, emotionally intriguing and lot of fun. But Virgo will take everything seriously. There will be no doubt that they will probably respect one another’s mental abilities, yet they may too often stifle open expressions of affection in each other. Neither he not she may comprehend the need for depth in an emotional relationship.

The first problem a Gemini woman and Virgo man face will be the contract between her gregariousness and his tendency to reclusivity. As far as sexual compatibility is concerned, a Virgo with all his innate sweetness, curtsey, consideration and punctuality can be an impossible lover or husband for a temperamental woman. Virgo man will neither be overly emotional nor be unduly affectionate. He will love with his own image. Instinctively she could feel emotionally safe with this man and they may offer one another a scene of security that forms a foundation for the later development of a deep passion between them. Gemini lovemaking will be airy and light, delicate ethereal. Since a Virgo man will be beautifully adept at the art of light lovemaking he can succeed with her where other men have failed because they refused to play the make believe game with her.

Both are Mercury ruled and have a mental approach to life, but similarity ends there; these two are star-crossed from the beginning. Gemini will treat Virgo as a boring creature. There will be precise representations about sexual behavior in the Virgo’s head and the Gemini will show indecision. After attenuation of passion’s fire Virgo will start to grumble and criticize Gemini, Gemini will start searching for entertainment with someone else in his/her turn. As passions run on a low thermostat; their sex life will soon turn chilly. This will go to be as short as flash relationship, which has not a chance to last long time.


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