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Know About Zodiac Signs: Taurus (Virshav), Chapter 2, Part - 21

Dr. Shanker Adawal


The gloriously sensual Taurus, the Bull will draw the Leo like a magnet. Taurus ruled by Venus, will be sensual, attractive and laid back, which makes a great foil for Leo’s need to be admired. A bull need a lot of loyalty and affection in order to be sure that he is being loved and appreciated; while a Leo needs a lo of worship and compliments in order to be sure that he is being loved and admired. These two signs are square and do not harmonize too well. Leo will be more self centered and stubborn Taurus will not in position to give unquestioned worship which a Leo demands continually.

One area of potential agreement between Taurus and Leo will be promoting and building. Leo will love to promote grandiose schemes and large ideas while a Taurus will delight in contemplating the financial return. Obstacles will disturb the Leo but Taurus will not be distributed by any of them as he or she accept limitations and knows that the delay is a part of the price he or she have to pay for eventual success. Leo who happens to be fanatically fond of freedom refuses to accept or even to recognize limitations. Their attitude will be hopeful and determined.

Sexually, the two should get on. Taurus is straightforward and down-to-earth. A no-nonsense approach is favored, which goes well with Leo’s own regal inclinations. The glamorous, dramatic Lion May grab Taurus’s attention, but be prepared to engage in epic power struggles and battles of the will. Both of them will share ambition, determination, and an undeniable animal attraction, but a Taurus also possesses iron wills. This can be a wonderful partnership, but first native of Taurus sign must tame the beasts within. Because both are fixed signs, they will have a powerful sense of purpose and are unlikely to be deterred from their goals. Due to their fixed nature both will be endowed with determination, endurance and a formidable will. This can lead to ego-clashes of monumental proportions, unless they are each prepared to meet the other half way. These clashes can be resolved in bouts of passion, at least in the early stages.

The creative arts can bring them together, as Taurus loves to share in all things beautiful and Leo loves the spotlight. It’s still a difficult and potentially troublesome match, due to the fact that stubborn Taurus cannot be browbeaten into submission, any more than Leo can be bullied into domesticity. This can also be experienced by others as extreme stubbornness and obstinacy. When they focus their combined staying power on achieving worthy ends, nothing can stand in their way. Unfortunately, when they focus on trying to control and dominate each other, they end up in an endless stalemate. The great side of this is that Taurus is intensely loyal and makes a caring, life-long partner, who will seek to provide for and satisfy Leo’s needs.

Mutual respect is required in this relationship, because without it they may find that their best friend has become their worst enemy. The creative arts can bring both of them together; as Leo loves to be in the spotlight and Taurus love to share in all things beautiful. Leo is filled with inspiration, but Taurus has what it takes to make dreams come true. Because Leo is ruled by the Sun, he or she has a need to shine. Venus gives Taurus the skills it takes to help others shine, making Taurus the perfect person in respect of behaving with other people for the less tactful acts. When they work together, they have incredible potential to both inspire and entertain. This combination is difficult but can be rewarding. If more harmonious contacts exist between their personal planets and Ascendant, it should be easier to communicate and understand each other in better form. No matter how many obstacle a Leo and a Taurus coupled face in achieving their emotional harmony together, if it become necessary, they will stand by each other against the whole word.


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