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Know About Zodiac Signs: Taurus (Virshav), Chapter 2, Part - 22

Dr. Shanker Adawal


The Bull and the Virgin are very comfortable together, making this a very natural and easy combination. In fact, it’s likely to be a case of love at first sight. A Taurus native may be annoyed by Virgo’s occasionally nit-picking perfectionism, but overall he will enjoy spending time with someone who is as solid and practical as a Taurus happen to be. Virgo has to introduce the Bull to improved hygiene practices and housekeeping techniques but the Bull may not understand why Virgo native can’t just relax. But overall, they can certainly enjoy each other’s company. A Taurus is patient in nature while a Virgo will have a vibrating mind. And patience will be the only area where a Taurus often wins out over a Virgo. A Virgo usually can appear to be tranquil, calm, and patient on the surface but his or her mind will constantly be ticking away. When things do not happen quickly or exactly in the manner they like it to be, they will face all sort of frustration.

Being two Earthy signs, they will have much in common. Both of them will be interested in financial security and physical comfort. Taurus will be a fan of rich and fattening foods, while native of Virgo sign will like to buy organic and go vegan. Taurus keeps a careful eye on expenditures, which pleases thrifty Virgo. A Taurus may want to spend more on luxuries, while Virgo may insist on only the bare necessities. Virgo can help to economize better, while Taurus can show Virgo the value of occasionally indulging in small pleasures. As both will be interested in good value and quality, so they both will tend to be good stewards of their resources. Together, they can build quite a fortune if they put their minds to it. The physical side of life will also be important for both of them, but Taurus may need to coax the sexual fires into business with Virgo, who will have a long fuse, and explodes if Taurus is patient.

It will be almost impossible for a Taurus woman to seduce a Virgo man and therefore she may be feel interior over this issue. In actual it will be impossible for any woman to seduce a Virgo man. Neither of them will become angry very often or very easily. They will have fairly tranquil, peaceful dispositions in common. Sexually both of them fall under the same category of the silent type. A Taurus woman prefers to partake in lovemaking undistracted by the verbal romantic coquetry, just drowning in the intimacies of union with the man she loves from the bottom of her heart. A Virgo man can not think of many wild or spontaneous things to say about sex anyway and even if he could be will probably be too embarrassed to say them in front of her. In actual a Virgo male can create great beauty in the physical expression of love blending desire with emotional tenderness, stimulated by mental excitement but he will not move to single tremble or tremor by the kind of sex that lacks the qualifying aspect of its higher purpose. He may fail to see why see needs to surround herself with so many luxuries and she may complain that his ideas of personal comfort are inclined to throw away money with careless abandon. So finance will seldom be a subject of contention.

One of the barriers between a Virgo and a Taurus is that a Taurus man will incline to be a teeny bit untidy. A Taurus love beauty and luxury around him but he will be too busy making the bread that buys it to be bothered sweeping up his crumbs and ashes, polishing his shoes to a high gloss, combing his hair or picking lint off his trousers. An occasional Taurus man will place an emphasis on grooming but he will not make a fetish of it. A Virgo woman love of order and her sharp foresight make her seem conventional to the point of being puritanical. She will investigate the facts, observes the action, work it all through her mathematical thought process and form a clear opinion of what is best for everybody. While the Taurus male does not talk much about his ethics or morals. He will feel what is right or wrong and then act with his blind determination. A Virgo woman will have to convince him that her views on public morality do not necessarily reflect her private code of behavior. Virgo may play food cope more than a Taurus like and can help Taurus native to be more health and diet conscious, but he or she can show Virgo that it’s quite all right to indulge in gastronomic delights on occasion. Both of them will be blessed with the gifts of common sense, resourcefulness, and practicality, which make for a very solid astrological combination. When the rest of the world seems to be crazily dipping back and forth she will feel safe only with him.

These two can form a deep and comforting bond, a strong cord to encircle their love between them. Both of them will not be the kind of person who indulges in passionate emotions for no reason or to become enraged over things that can not be helped by anger. The Virgo and the Taurus natives can spend their lives together drenched in the ecstasy of contemplating all the small and ordinary wonders around them. This can be a long lasting and rewarding partnership of any kind and works especially well in family and marriage. It’s a successful team that makes a perfect match.


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