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Know About Zodiac Signs: Taurus (Virshav), Chapter 2, Part - 20

Dr. Shanker Adawal


Both Cancer and Taurus likes common things except a few minor change in order of their priority. That means one may have top most priority for a thing, like for the native of Taurus it is money and for Cancer, other will also like that but it may be in his or her second or third or any other priority. They will be very domestic and appreciate the simple joys of life. Both of them wish people to be nice to them. Others will find the two to be very warm, friendly, and caring, and their soft and considerate attitude which will be greatly appreciated by friends. Both will enjoy living in a quiet, fairly secluded place away from hustle and bustle and same character will be reflected in the natives. Despite having so much in common, Taurus will find it emotion, very attached to family and familiar surroundings and easily upset by any form of cruelty. Mood of the native of Cancer sign do not last more than a few hours or a few days at the very most as they covers a wide range of emotions. While the mood of a Taurus native will last for months or even years.

Taurus’s practical, grounded approach to life and gentle manner will be very much appreciated by Cancer. Cancer’s encounter with Taurus, the bull will be the aroma of a fine home-cooked meal. The delicious pleasures of Venus will attract Cancer’s senses and for the But will be the aroma of a fine home-cooked meal. The delicious pleasures of Venus will attract Cancer’s senses and for the But it will be an irresistible personal magnetism that will draw Cancer into their circle, rather than actively seeking him out. Because they will always think about their future, both will be slow about spending their money. Both of them will love to cook and eat and if they spend lot of time together it will be difficult for them to control their diet and as consequence upon that both may be overweight. Being a watery sign native of Cancer sign may like to have drinks more than a native of Taurus sign. A bull hates excess of every thing and if he or she is forced to have more drinks he may burst out of anger. S water is a flexible substance and takes the shape of the vessel into which it is poured, probably the native of Cancer sign will slowly and gradually grow to imitate the Taurus’s fixed habits and steady nature.

While the Bull is very fond of members of the opposite sex, Taurus prefers to be courted. Taurus, however, is straight-forward and down-to-earth in sexual matters. The Bull prefers a no-nonsense approach; too much verbalizing or complex fantasizing is not really Taurus’s thing of consideration. Music or other forms of sensual, non-verbal expression will strike a chord in the Taurus nature. Taurus will prefer long-lasting relationships with faithful friends and dedicated enemies and seek to build strong alliances, although they can be misled by their sensual natures, especially when young.

The native of Cancer sign will have a secret desire to have babies from woman of Taurus sign. A male of Cancer sign does not rush into anything including romance. When a watery sign like Cancer meet with an earthy sign it will not be love at first sight. Their relationship may take time but when once a Taurus woman makes a relationship, she will be committed as she better knows how to keep her man sweetly contented. For a Cancer male once he has decided to make his forward lunge, he will curtail other love relations.

A relationship between Cancer and Taurus may seem nearly perfect and it is undeniably a better than average romantic combination but it does not mean that it will be totally free of flaws. Taurus character is naturally inclined to permanence and the satisfaction of a job well done. Sensual Taurus however will grow more stable and discriminating as time goes on. Taurus being an earthy sign provides a good and solid grounding to Cancer’s emotional nature. Water and Earth mix to form a fertile soil in which seeds will grow. If both natives join together it can be fruitful and multiply, whether they are creating a family, a business, or an artistic enterprise. However, having opened the floodgates of passion, Taurus can be insatiable and possessive, so Taurus’s emotions will be trifled with at Cancer’s peril. The great side of this is that Taurus is intensely loyal and makes a caring, life-long partner, who will seek to provide for and satisfy your every need.

The physical relationship between them will be ideal or as ideal as they want it to be and encourage it to be. That means surely there is potential for harmony. Her sexual nature will be deeply affectionate, tender and uncomplicated. He will also be deeply affectionate through perhaps a bit more complicated. For a Taurus woman tangible satisfaction of the senses and the earthy reality of passion are important whereas for a Cancer male the emotional release of sexual union is important but this different requirement will not conflict.

In case of Taurus male, he will be a slow starter in romance. Though he will have an enormous capacity for love but as usual it does not burst into verbal or physical commitment overnight. Once it will be blossomed it will give beautiful flowers permanently. Most of the Taurus men do not experience love in its total sexual and emotional fullness until they are out of their teens. Once he has made relations he will not wish to break up them quickly. Most of the natives of the Taurus sign will be possessive and this special characteristic will also be seen in relationship. Their approach towards love will likely to be solid, sensible and practical. Although the two of them will have much alike in many ways; this will be one where they may not be of same thought. Taurus will offer his love the kind of sincerity that it will be difficult for her to resist. In spite of resistance she will adore him madly and probably never leave him. This will prove a perfect mach.


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