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Know About Zodiac Signs: Taurus (Virshav), Chapter 2, Part - 23

Dr. Shanker Adawal


Although a Taurus may be very different in temperament, he will find much to like about your charming partner of Libra sign. Cardinal Airy Venus meets Fixed Earthy Venus and the encounter is an odd one. Since Venus rules on both sides of the equation, there is potential, yet Libra the Scales and Taurus the Bull are very different creatures. Both natives will appreciate beauty and delight in the finger things in life, which can build a basis for an enjoyable delight in the finger things in life, which can built a basis for an enjoyable relationship between them. Human connections will be very important for both of them and both of them will work hard to make a relationship succeed. With common ground in a love of beauty and a disinclination for conflict, Libra will find the Bull fascinating at first, a totally different species. However, the Bull is a creature of routine, where Libra love change and excitement, so it may not be long before the placid Bull tries to put the vigorous Scales in a secure compartment, one to which Libra is unsuited.

Libra will love attention and interaction but not the limitation. It is the glory of Sign that natives born under Libra sign like to consider things, weigh them up, discuss them with his or her loved one, or indeed with anyone passing. The Bull may quickly tire of this constant need to discuss every small to bigger thing. Generally, the native of Taurus sign will not inclined towards causes or matters of justice, unless other influences prevail in the chart. Thus Bull may find waste of time and energy in Libra’s area of interests like puzzling. If Taurus cannot abide your strong opinions of the natives of Libra, there will be clashes with the fixed attitudes of this stubborn beast. Libra native can find common ground in the areas of arts, as both of them will be creatures of taste. Equally, work issues or shared financial interests may bring them together. Overall, this is not an easy match. If Libra native works on accepting differences than the combination of Air and Earth will be advantageous. If don’t harmonize, then Scales must look further a field while Bull waits patiently for the next cab off the rank.

A Taurus woman will love rich fabrics, in soft colors, a blend of beauty and luxury that makes a room seem warm and comfy while he, the Libra man will love pastel shades that harmonize. As both are ruled by the Venus, their sexual problems should be the very least of their worries. Libra’s physical expressions of love may be a little ethereal for Taurus woman and she may secretly wish that he put a little more emphasis on the physical and a little less emphasis on the intricate moods of eroticism and fancy he verbalizes so beautifully. On contrary he may wish secretly that she would put a little more stress on imaginative, poetic ways of making love and a little less stress on simple ordinary bodily contact. However probably they will find their relationship more satisfying than the average couple who exist in only one romantic dimension. Every Libra man will not be a playboy type. He will insist on keeping his intellect sharp and he does this by being gregarious. If she wants to continue playing those happy scenes with him, she will have to accept the mingling at intermission.

On other part when woman is Libra she will be unpredictable. It should be remembered that although both of them are ruled by the Venus, Taurus is a feminine sign while Libra is a masculine sign. A Libra girl nearly always is beautiful. Even if her features are plain her absolutely stunning smile may make any one to think that she is beautiful. A Taurus makes decisions only after careful consideration and acts with deliberation and seldom changes in his opinion. While Libra woman acts with equal deliberation and also seldom changes her opinion. Once she has made up her mind, she will carry through with incredible energy and purpose. Undeniably the Taurus man may often a great blessing to the Libra woman. His very presence soothes her restless spirit. Another lovely thing about these two is that her natural Pollyanna optimism can at as a beautiful balance for the Bull’s natural tendency 
towards pessimism.

But first, they must learn to appreciate each other’s differences. Both signs are ruled by Venus, so comfort and company are high on your list of priorities. The way to the Libran heart is through appreciation and admiration. Taurus should make sure to understand this need for appreciation if he or she wants to make progress. Libra is very much about relationship. Libran partner seeks to please and views lovemaking as an art. Creating the right environment for love is very important and failures to do so on Taurus’s part, he will soon see Libra looking elsewhere. Libra is a Cardinal Sign, so is inclined to take the lead in Taurus’s activities. However, Libra is notorious for waffling back and forth over everything, which can drive even the most patient Bull batty. Once Taurus decides on a course of action, not much can deter him or her from it, whereas Libra may change direction several times in the course of one day. Taurus can help Libra to see which choices make the most sense. For Taurus’s an uncanny gifts, Libra can help him or her respond more gracefully in social situations, even when  he or she feel more like a raging bull. In time, though, Libra’s casual, fickle attitude toward love may really get to a Taurus. Taurus is naturally possessive, even jealous, and this urge to own and control will not sit well with his or her flirty Libran. It is not the easiest combination, but a match can work if both of them will be willing to compromise. Harmonious aspects between other chart factors, such as Moon and Ascendant can produce a long and happy partnership; otherwise this romantic combination will not last long.


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