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We men get money & power at say 50 or late fifties - we (mostly) neglect the lady of the house . She pampered your child ego (every man has it) looked after your children, your parents and family. Then when u have it good I have seen and been told by the ladies visiting me for astrology that they are left lonely ( no one to talk, that one movie , a lunch , a holiday and some music / some good words) & the hubby sits with a drink & friends - telling her that she can buy whatever she requires - she lives alone - drowns herself in meditation - talks BUT the emptiness grows & she promises to herself - I will show him his place on retirement - the friends and power are not permanent -believe me she does it - pays him back I the same coin to the minimum -this is the circle of life , relationships and success . This is a story of a normal family but things go worse when relationships on the side develop to take care of the emptiness and the effects if they get exposed. How do we break away - yes - Geeta & the teachings of Shri Krishna are the only way to deal with this or a similar / worse situation in life - drama arising out of complex interactions between the husband - wife - children - family. .

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