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The Effects of the Avasthas of Ketu

Dr. Shanker Adawal

1. If Ketu being in the Signs of Aries, Taurus, Gemini or Virgo (in any one of these) when in the Shayana avastha, there will be the prosperity of wealth, if he is in other Signs there will the increase of the disease.

2. If Ketu is gone in the Upavesha avastha, there will be the increase of the disease of Ringworm, fear from the band of enemies, the authority, snake and thieves.

3. If Ketu is in the Netrapani avastha, there will remain disease in the eyes, fear of poisonous creatures like snakes etc. and fear from enemy, King’s family, and there will be the destruction of wealth and the natives mind will remain inconstant.

4. If Ketu is in the Prakasa avastha, there will be the increase of grains, and wealth, the native will get honour from the authority, his fame will increase and he will get happiness in foreign lands.

5. If Ketu is in the Gamana avastha, the native will enjoy the wealth of his sons, be in authority or a learned man, get honour from the officials an remain full of wealth.

6. If Ketu is in the Agama avastha, the native will be wicked mind, remain bereft of Lakshmi (wealth), be lustful, be devoid of intelligence and religious deeds and be wrathful and deceitful.

7. If Ketu is in the Sabha avastha the native will be very talkative, proud, miserly and greedy and be skilful in the art of deception.

8. If Ketu is in the Agamana avastha, the native will be the flag bearer of sinful deeds, will always indulge in quarrels and disputes with his brothers, do wickedness and be troubled and oppressed with the enemy and disease.

9. If Ketu is gone in the Bhojana Avastha, the native will always remain troubled with hunger, be penurious, troubled with disease and will wander over the earth.

10. If Ketu is in the Nrityalipsa avastha, the native will always remain in pain due to disease, will not have fixed eyesight (his eye will shake in seeing) will not be defeated by anyone, will be deceitful and will do deeds of wickedness and destruction.

11. If Ketu is in the Kauthuka avastha, the native will be engaged in sports and shows, will have the sexual intercourse with dancer’s and prostitutes, will leave his own home and live in other’s houses, will be of wicked conduct, and being penniless will wander aimlessly.

12. If Ketu is gone in the Nidra avastha, the natives will have much happiness of having grains and wealth, their days will be passed happily with the talks of good qualities and various professions.

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