The Planets in Avasthas

Dr. Shanker Adawal

1. The Planet who is situated in a trine or in his exaltation sign is called Garvita.

i) The Planet who is in his friend’s sign, is in conjunction with Jupiter, and is together with or is aspected by a friendly Planet is called Mudita.

ii) The Planet being situated in the 5th House) when in conjunction with Rahu or with either of the Sun, Saturn and Mars is called Lajjita.

iii) The Planet aspected by or enemy Planet or aspected by the Sun is Kshobhita.

2. The Planet who being conjoined or aspected by Saturn or an enemy Planet is situated in an enemy’s sign is Kshubdhita.

i) The Planet who being conjoined or aspected by a Malefic or his enemy Planet is situated, without the aspect of a benefic Planet, in the 4th House is Trashita.

Another version

If the Planet is situated in a watery sign, is aspected by an enemy Planet and is without the aspect of benefic Planets he is called Trashita.

These are the six Avasthas or states of Houses.

3. The Effects of the Avasthas Called Garvita Etc.

i) The Kshudhita and the Kshobhita Planets forcibly destroy the House in which they are situated.

ii) The Mudita and the Garvita Planets strengthen that House (in which they are situated).

iii) The native in whose horoscope there are in the 10th House Lajjit, Trshita or Kshobhita and Kshudhita Planets, becomes penurious or extremely poor.

iv) A Lajjita Planet in the 5th House destroys the native’s son.

v) The native in whose horoscope a Kshobhita or a Trashita Planet is placed in the 7th House, does not have the happiness of his remaining alive for a long time.

4. The Effects of the Garvita Avastha.

The Dasa of a Garvita Planet endows the natives with a new house, a flower garden, royalty or kingship, skill in arts, pride, increase in wealth and trade.

5. The Effects of the Mudita Avastha.

In the Dasa of a Mudita Planet the native gets the happiness of getting a large palatial building, nice clothes, jewels, lands and women, entertainment or enjoyment with his men kinsfolk, living in a royal or kingly house, seeing the destruction of his enemies and the development of his intellect.

6. The Effects of the Lajjita Avastha.

In the Dasa of a Lajjita Planet the native develops atheistic feelings towards Ram (God), suffers the destruction of his intellect, sees the disease of his son, makes useless travel, has interest in a talk relating to a dispute and lack of interest in beneficial or auspicious deeds.

7. The Effects of the Kshobhita Avastha.

In the Dasa of a Kshobhita Planet the native suffers from extreme penury, wickedness of his intellect, destruction of wealth, pain in the leg & feet and destruction of money due to the king’s wrath.

8. The Effects of the Kshudhita Avastha.

In the Dasa of a Kshudhita Planet the native will be subjected to grief, love of worldly objects, weakness due to mental pain caused by trouble falling on the natives, kinsfolk, quarrel or dispute with his enemies, financial loss, destruction of all the powers and the bluntness of the mind and the intellect due to quarrels and disputes.

9. The Effects of the Trashita Avastha.

In the Dasa of a Trashita Planet the native will be subjected to disease and defect because of his contact with his diseased wife and aptitude for wicked or evil deeds, loss of money due to his quarrel or dispute with his own kinsfolk, weakness, pain caused by the wicked deed of a vicious person and constant loss of honour or respect.

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