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Know About Deeptadi Avasthas

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Differences in Planetary States.

1. Planets have nine states:-

1 Deeptha, 2 Swastha, 3 Munditha, 4 Santha, 5 Hinsa, 6 Dukha, 7 Vikala, 8 Khala, 9 Kopa.

That which occupies deep exaltation is Deeptha,

In his own house Swastha,

In a very friendly house Munditha,

In a friendly house Santha,

In a neutral’s house Hinsa,

In an unfriendly house Dukha,

With a malefic Vikala,

A defeated planet Khala,

In combustion, with the Sun Kopa.

Authors have given results in accordance with the names given

In all sciences there are differences in system and explanation of facts.

2. I have learnt the following as the Avasthas and they seem to be more reasonable:-

1. Deeptha-in exaltation.

2. Swastha-in his own house.

3. Santhoshi or Mudita-in a friendly house.

4. Santha-in beneficial Vargas or divisions

5. Bala-retrograde.

6. Peeda-end of Rasi or sign.

7. Dina-unfriendly sign.

8. Vikala-in combustion.

9. Khala in debilitation.

10. Bheetha-acceleration.

Differences in these can only be pointed out, but it is difficult to say why these differences are created, 
and on what observations these are based.

In the Dasa of a Deeptha planet, the person will have, lordship of land, enthusiasm; courage, wealth, conveyances, happiness, female children, respect of relations, rulers and friends.

In the Dasa of a Swastha planet-he will get wealth and power from a peaceful ruler, happiness, education, reputation, respect, wife and children, and charity.

In the period of Mudita-good clothes, lands, scents, children, wealth, courage, many Puranas, music, charities, carriages, ornaments.

In the Dasa of Santha-happiness, courage, wife, issues, landed property, conveyance, learning, enjoyment, great wealth, respect from rulers, moral instructions.

In the Dasa of Hinsa-he will have changes in residence, hatred of relations, will lead a despicable and mean life, worthless profession, and trouble by various complaints of body and mind.

In the Dukha period-many sorrows on all sides, will have foreign residence and neglected by relations, and suffer from thieves, fires,and displeasure of rulers.

In the Dasa of Vikala planet-derangement, sorrows, death of parents, and losses from children, females; carriages, clothes.

In the Dasa of Khala planet-quarrels with wife and children and separation from them, loss of lands and money from enemies, blame from his own community, and always misery.

In the Dasa of a Kopa planet-he will do many sinful acts, losses in education, reputation, lands, money, females, fines and confiscations and bodily ailments.

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