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The Effects of the Avasthas of Saturn

Dr. Shanker Adawal

1. If Saturn is gone in the Shayana avastha, the native will always remain oppressed with hunger and thirst and will always do labour, he will remain diseased in the first age of life and later on he will be most excellent among fortunate persons.

2. If Saturn, the Son of the Sun, is in the Upavesha avastha, the native will always remain troubled due to very fierce enemies, will always destroy his wealth and it is quite certain that he will be very proud and get punishment again and again from the authority.

3. If Saturn is in the Netrapani avastha, the native will be endowed with the excellent Lakshmi or wealth of some other person, get happiness with great love from the authority will have many skills and speak clearly and cleanly.

4. If Saturn is in the Prakasa avastha, the native will know many kinds of qualities, some villages or some wealth will remain in his lordship, will always cut jokes by his witty remarks, have brightness which is very charming, be kind hearted and generous and remain a devotee at the feet of Lord Vishnu.

5. If Saturn is in the Gamana avastha, the native will be extremely wealthy, remain happy and cheerful due to the cheerfulness of his sons, do charity, destroy his enemies, and usurp their lands, be genius among expert and get respect in the administration or court of law.

6. If Saturn is in the Agamana avastha, the native will have the fear of having disease in his feet, bereft of the happiness of son and wife, live in a lonely place under depression and wander over the earth.

7. If Saturn is in the Sabha avastha, the native will always remain happy to possess rows or rosary of gems, gold and pearls, will wear them. The native will be prudent politician and be very influencing.

8. If Saturn is in the Agama avastha, the native will again and again incur disease, have slow walk and in his mind will always remain devoid of begging (that is, he will never beg what may happen).

9. If Saturn is in the Bhojana avastha, the natives will get excellent foods having six kinds of juices, their eyesight will be weak, and their mind and intellect will remain clouded due to lack of knowledge and illusion.

10. If Saturn is in the Nrityalipsa avastha, the native will be a religious minded saint by person and will have much wealth, get honour from the authority be very patient and a man of fortitude and will display great valour and bravery on the battle field.

11. If Saturn is in the Kauthuka avastha, the native will remain prosperous having lands and wealth, be very healthy and have the pleasures with a beautiful wife and be full of the art of decent poetry that is, he should know poetry and feel the pleasure arising from great poetry.

12. If Saturn is gone in the Nidra avastha, the native will always be wealthy, be endowed with excellent qualities, be valorous, will kill even the fiercest enemies and will be clever in having sexual intercourse with high class whores or prostitutes.

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