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The Effects of the Avasthas of Rahu

Dr. Shanker Adawal

1. If Rahu is in the Shayana avastha, the native will get disease and many kinds of troubles. If Rahu in the above stated Avastha is there in Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, or Aries, the native will continually get much grains and wealth.

2. If Rahu is in the Upavesha avastha, the native will suffer from the disease of ringworm, he will have seat in the official’s Court and get much honour, but he will always remain bereft of the happiness of enjoying wealth.

3. If Rahu is in Netrapani Avastha, the native will have trouble in eyes, trouble from poisonous animals, and enemies, danger of theft, and loss of accumulated wealth.

4. If Rahu is in the Pakasha avastha, the native will be placed in an excellent position, get exceptional fame, there will be the progress of wealth, in the same way the development of good qualities, will be honoured with kingship due to his intelligence and cleverness, his fame will spread, will have shape like that of new clouds, and will get much progress from foreign lands.

5. If Rahu is in the Gamana avastha, the native will have many issues (or children), be a learned men, wealthy, generous, be worshipped by the authority and be the most excellent among men.

6. If Rahu is in the Agamana avastha, the native will be wrathful, will always remain bereft of intellect and wealth, be crooked, miserly and in every way very lustful.

7. If Rahu is gone in the Sabha avastha, the native will be a learned man but he will be miserly, will be endowed with many good qualities and will get the happiness of possessing wealth not enjoying it.

8. If Rahu is in the Agama avastha, the native will always remain restless because of the fear of the enemies, there will be quarrel among the people of his caste, the native may not live in the family, there may be loss of wealth, stupidity and the health may remain poor.

9. If Rahu is gone in the Bhojana avastha, the native will remain restless because of food, that is, he will get food with great difficulty, his intellect will be dull, will have fear in doing some-thing and be bereft of the happiness of wife and sons.

10. If Rahu is in the Nrityalipsa avastha, there will be the increase of serious disease among men, disease in the eyes, the native will have fear of his enemy, and there will be the destruction of wealth and religion.

11. If Rahu is in the Kauthuka avastha, the native will remain devoid of place (land for a house) will always have interest in and love for another person’s wife and will encroach other man’s wealth.

12. If Rahu is in the Nidra avastha the native will be endowed with many good qualities, will have wife (will be married) and sons, be man of fortitude, be full of pride and be very wealthy.

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