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The Effects of the Avasthas of Venus

Dr. Shanker Adawal

1. If Venus is in the Shayana avastha, the native in-spite of being strong, will have disease of teeth, will be wrathful and be bereft off wealth, and will have the addiction of living in the company of whores or prostitutes.

2. If Venus is in the Upavesha avastha, the native will always be possessing new gems and golden jewels, his enemies will be destroyed and his honour from the king will always increase.

3. If Venus being in the Ascendant, the 7th or the 10th House is gone in the Netrapani avastha, the native will lose his eyes, and his wealth will certainly be destroyed. If Venus is in other Houses his residence will always be very big and spacious.

4. If Venus, of Prakasa avastha is in her own Signs (2nd and 7th Signs) in her exaltation sign (12th Sign) or friendly Signs, the native will be a lover of the sport of infatuated elephants and will be endowed with grandeur, be skilful in the arts of poetry and beautification etc. and will have knowledge of Songs and music.

5. If Venus is in the Gamana avastha, the native’s mother will die soon, and due to the fear of his enemy, his lives among his own men and at times will staying away from them.

6. If Venus is in the Agamana avastha, the native will have much wealth, make many pilgrimages, be always courageous and have disease in his hands and feet.

7. If Venus is in the Sabha avastha, the native will acquire the wisdom without much effort as a gift of gap and will be honoured for his knowledge and skill of oration and will know all the good qualities, will kill the band of enemies, be like Kuber, (the good of wealth) in having wealth or will ride on elephants or horses and be excellent among men.

8. If Venus is in the Agama avastha, the natives will not have the procurement of wealth, or will remain penurious, will suffer much loss from their enemies; there will be the destruction of their sons and their own men, fear of some disease, and deprived of the enjoyment (sexual) from their wives.

9. If Venus is gone in the Bhojana avastha, the native will always remain restless due to hunger, that is, he will not be able to bear hunger, be troubled due to disease, be in the anxiety state because of the fear of the enemies. The native receive much wealth from his-in-laws or because of the earning of his wife, be adorned by specialist or learned men.

10. If Venus is in the Nrityalipsa Avastha, the native will have praise worthy knowledge and skill of poetry, his intellect will always remain charming, he will have great skill in playing on musical instruments like conch, flute drum etc. and in vocal music, his wealth will always go on increasing.

11. If Venus is in Kauthuka avastha the native will have grandeur like that of Indra, (the god of gods) will get the greatest excellence on this earth, honour in an assembly or meeting, and he will have charming skill in learning and education, and Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth will honourably and respectfully leave her abode of lotus and will live in his house.

12. If Venus is in the Nidra avastha, the native will always remain a servant to others, be always ready in speaking ill of others, be valorous, be very talkative and will wander over the earth.

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