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Dr. Shanker Adawal

The interest of every individual to know his financial status has inspired me to write this book. This is a part of the Encyclopedia captioned as `Wealth & Prosperity’. It is the seventh book in the encyclopedia series.

We have in this book tried to explain the combinations of wealth with an eye for the reader to understand the principles that decipher the quantum of wealth.

In the beginning we have given a large number of examples which show the combinations that are instrumental in giving wealth. We have also outlined the combinations that generate wealth.

From the third chapter onwards we embark upon analyzing a horoscope on the promise it holds for wealth and prosperity. It starts with explaining the impact of Signs and houses on there propensity as wealth providers.

In basic predictive astrology the ascendant, second, fifth, ninth and eleventh house play critical role in predicting the wealth quantum. There are six chapters we have dedicated in the book explaining the impact of planets in houses and the placement of lords of ascendant, second, fifth, ninth and eleventh in different houses. In details the results have been written. This is the first basic principle that has to be understood and has been dealt at length.

In over hundred pages after explaining the impact of the placement of wealth giving houses we have explained the various Yoga’s that give wealth as well as those leading to poverty and misery. The placement of planets in houses, combinations, exchanges and various combinations that give rise to wealth and status has been dealt in great details. This understanding is important to conclude on the level of wealth that a horoscope indicates.

Also analyzing the Hora Chart, Aroodha Lagna, Indu Lagna and Ashtakvarga for deciphering prosperity have been taken up and explained. Concluding the book we have explained the method to predict or decipher the source of wealth & prosperity. The combinations that give wealth through gambling and speculation have been enumerated.

In this book I have tried to logically explain the predictive techniques that should be adopted in deciphering wealth and prosperity from a horoscope. This book will serve in providing a lot of principles that will help in predicting wealth and prosperity. I am sure it will prove valuable to those learning astrology as well as for the research students and other readers.

Shanker Adawal

Dr. Shanker Adawal
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