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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: Analysing a Horoscope to Decipher Wealth and Prosperity, Chapter III, Part - 10

Dr. Shanker Adawal


Jupiter in Virgo makes the native learned and intellectual. Natives make good authors, writers, poets and journalists in their life. They are highly ambitious but little selfish in their lives. They remain fortunate in terms of wealth and prosperity in their life. They show restrain and patience and make slow but steady progress in their live.


Jupiter in Libra gives a good personality and religious temperament to the native. Native loves discipline in life. They cannot be termed successful in terms of wealth and prosperity in life but lead a contended life. They work hard and make steady progress in their life.


Jupiter in Scorpio gives a strong personality and good health to the native. They work hard but remain unhappy in terms of wealth and prosperity. They have strong and dominating personality full of passion and aggressiveness. They lack in material success in their life and struggle throughout their life to meet their material requirements.


Jupiter in Sagittarius blesses the native with enormous wealth and prosperity in life. Native leads a successful and contended life in terms of finance and material success in life. It makes the native learned, educated, skillful and the native have versatile knowledge. Native have wide range of social contacts and have influential relationship in their life. Native is eloquent and have strong power of expression. This native also displays strong leadership qualities and is possessed with a strong organizing capability. Native also loves to spend in charitable purposes and love to help others in need. Native accumulates wealth and prosperity in life as such enjoys all comforts and luxuries in his life.


Jupiter in Capricorn is not a good position for the Jupiter to be placed in because it is the sign of debilitation for the Jupiter. Natives lead a unhappy life. This native can be considered unfortunate in terms of financial matters. They fail to accumulate wealth and prosperity. Such native struggles in their life to meet their financial and material requirements. Their source of income remains unstable and inconsistent in most part of their life. They are tactless in business and lead a simple life.


Jupiter in Aquarius does not give riches to the native but the native earns knowledge, education and skills in life. They are learned, intellectual, pious and religious minded. They lack in wealth and prosperity but lead a contended life with whatever they earn through their hard work. They earn popularity and reputation in their life through their knowledge and skills.


Jupiter in Pisces brings good fortune to the native in terms of wealth and prosperity. Native accumulates enormous wealth and prosperity in life and also gets wealth through inheritance in his life. This native makes a good businessman or trader in life. Native enjoys all comforts and luxuries of life. Native is blessed with good luck, success and high position in his life. Native leads a happy and satisfied life.


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