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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: Analysing a Horoscope to Decipher Wealth and Prosperity, Chapter III, Part - 9

Dr. Shanker Adawal


Jupiter is the most important planet, among all others, which has to be taken into consideration while deciphering financial prospect of any individual. A strong and well places Jupiter in a horoscope makes the native optimistic, influential and successful in life. It brightens the financial prospects of the individual if it is well placed in association with the benefic planets. Whereas a ill placed Jupiter or Jupiter in association with the malefic planets in any horoscope dampens the financial prospects for any individual, and bring misery and unhappiness into the life of the individual.

Jupiter is a divine planet and it denotes logic, wisdom, hope and opportunities in life. If the Jupiter gets afflicted in the horoscope of the native then the native suffers from frustration and becomes cheat, smuggler or swindler.

A strong and well placed Jupiter in a horoscope brings good fortune to the native because it is the most benefic among all the planets and signifies wealth, knowledge and wisdom. Under the positive influence of Jupiter native becomes wise, prosperous, religious, learned, justice loving and earns reputation in the society.

Unblemished Jupiter in the horoscope gives good character, generous temperament, honesty, high morals and handsome personality to the native. Native becomes impressive and influential in his life and gains a wide social circle. They have high level of confidence and leadership quality. They are helpful to others whenever required.

Aries Jupiter in Aries gives wealth, prosperity and happiness to the native. It gives fortune, success, position and power to the native. Native enjoys a comfortable and luxurious life with all sorts of worldly comforts in his life. This placement of Jupiter also makes the native learned and disciplined in life.


Jupiter in Taurus makes the native learned and reputed in the society. It gives financial stability to the native. Native earns sufficient money to meet his financial requirements in the life.


Jupiter in Gemini gives good physique and physical health to the native. Native learns many languages in his life. This placement of Jupiter gives knowledge and education to the native. Native is eloquent and good in speech, which gives him strong power of expression. Native possess a tall and fari personality. Native also have influential social contacts.


Jupiter in Cancer makes the native learned, wealthy and intelligent. It also gives fortune, success, position and power to the native. Native reaches to a very high position in his life. This native earns and accumulates enormous wealth and prosperity in his life. Native leads a successful life and enjoys the comforts of luxury. This native can be considered fortunate regarding financial matters and success in life.


Jupiter in Leo gives a strong and impressive personality with leadership qualities to the native. Native becomes successful in literary pursuits. He is learned and intellect. Such natives make good authors, writers, poets and journalists in their life. They are highly ambitious people and attain higher posts in their lives. Native remains successful in terms of wealth and prosperity and live his life with all happiness, pleasure and worldly comforts in life.


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