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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: Analysing a Horoscope to Decipher Wealth and Prosperity, Chapter III, Part - 11

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Following are the results of Jupiter placed in various houses of a horoscope:

Jupiter in 1st house gives longevity to the native. It gives strong and well built handsome personality to the native. Native is learned and earns respect in the society. They make intellectuals, authors, writers, journalists, astrologers, religious leaders etc. in life. They are fond of social work and helping others. They earn enormous wealth and prosperity in their life. They remain happy and successful in their life. Native earns name, fame and popularity in the society. Native is disciplined, pious and religious minded. Native may also get honored by the government.

Second House

Jupiter in 2nd house gives wealth and prosperity to the native, although this placement of Jupiter is considered bad for wealth and prosperity because of Jupiter being significator of 2nd house, but practically it has be found to offer benefic results from this house and bring good fortune to the native. Native possess a loud and eloquent voice. Native also possess a good sweet and expressive speech. Native earns wealth, prosperity and immovable property in his life. Native have a strong and handsome personality. Native earns name, fame and popularity in the society and also may get honored by the government. Native leads a happy and prosperous life. This placement of Jupiter blesses the native with longevity too along with good health and physique.

Third House

Jupiter in 3rd house blesses the native with many brothers and sisters or the native is popular in the society and have a large social circle. Native have influential contacts and contacts with versatile range of people coming from all walks of society. Native is learned, educated, pious and religious minded. Native generally settles away from his native place and earns wealth, prosperity and fame in a fair off place or at a foreign land. This placement of Jupiter blesses the native with good fortune especially in terms of wealth, prosperity and comforts of life.

Fourth House

Jupiter in 4th house makes the native practical and materialistic in life. It blesses the native with education and learning. Native makes good astrologer or educationalist or enjoys a good position in any administrative services. Native is fond of luxuries and comforts and enjoys a luxurious and comfortable life. Native is blessed with the comfort of conveyance and property in life. Native may also get honored by the government. Native possesses a good health and hard working in nature. He earns wealth and prosperity in life through his hard work as well as through inheritance.

Fifth House

Jupiter in 5th house gives success to the native in speculative means. Native Earnings and accumulation of riches through speculative means, like trading in the stock and share markets, like trading in stocks and share markets. Native also makes a good trader or businessman. Native enjoys a top position in his family, friends or social circle. This native can be considered fortunate regarding financial matters and earns enormous wealth and prosperity in his life. This native also possesses a strong intuition and makes good astrologers who can foresee future in advance. This position of Jupiter also gives many issues to the native.


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