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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: Analysing a Horoscope to Decipher Wealth and Prosperity, Chapter III, Part - 12

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Sixth House

Jupiter in 6th house gives the native a soft speech and a strong power of expression. This native is learned, reputed and famous in society. Native possess sickly and weak physique and often suffers from illness. Native spends his money in treatment of his physical ailments. This placement of Jupiter in not considered fortunate regarding financial matters, wealth and prosperity in life. Native often has differences with his maternal uncle and have few enemies too in life, who work against him or for his defamation. This native suffers few financial losses or setbacks in his life.

Seventh House

Jupiter in 7th house gives the native success in his business, profession and trade. Native is fortune in concern with wealth and prosperity in life. Native leads a happy married life with all comforts and luxuries of life. This native is learned, educated and humble in nature. Native earns wealth and prosperity in life through business or trade or through his spouse.

Eighth House

Jupiter in 8th house gives longevity to the native. Native is soft spoken and eloquent. They make good writers, authors, journalists or educationalists. They suffers from the diseases of abdomen or urinary system. This native remains unhappy regarding wealth and prosperity in life. Native often looses his money due to illness etc and may have to borrow money from the others in his life.

Ninth House

Jupiter in 9th house gives strong and well built handsome personality to the native. Native is learned and earns respect in the society. They make intellectuals, authors, writers, journalists, astrologers, religious leaders etc. in life. They are fond of social work and helping others. They earn enormous wealth and prosperity in their life. They remain happy and successful in their life. Native earns name, fame and popularity in the society. Native is disciplined, pious and religious minded. Native may also get honored by the government.

Tenth House

Jupiter in 10th house gives name, fame and popularity to the native in the society. Native attains a high position in his life and reaches to the top most level or in administrative services. This placement of Jupiter blesses the native with good fortune, wealth and prosperity in life. Native spends a happy and successful life in terms of financial matters and in terms of worldly comforts in life. Native makes good political leaders, religious leaders, judges, astrologers, educationalists, writers, authors and journalists in life. Native remains truthful and obedient to the parents and gurus.

Eleventh House

Jupiter in 11th house gives wealth, prosperity and longevity to the native. Native gets a strong and handsome personality. This placement of Jupiter gives good morals and the quality of honesty to the native. Native remains successful in terms of wealth and prosperity in his life. Native can earn through business and trade, as well as through speculative means like trading in stocks and share markets. Native gets honored by the government.

Twelfth House

Jupiter in 12th house makes the native learned and intellectual. Native possess knowledge and skills. They make good writers, authors and journalists in their life. They love to spend in charitable deeds and helping others in need. They lead a happy and contended life.


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