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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: Analysing a Horoscope to Decipher Wealth and Prosperity, Chapter III, Part - 13

Dr. Shanker Adawal


Venus is the significator of wealth and comforts in life. It rules over the luxuries of life. It helps the native to fulfill his worldly desires and all pleasures of life. A well placed and unblemished Venus in a horoscope is necessary to enjoy the above comforts and pleasures in life. Whereas a ill placed Venus or Venus in conjunction with the malefic may cause dissatisfaction and obstructions in fulfillment of the worldly desires.

Mars causes the fall and the Venus helps the native to recover from the fall. A native will strong Venus embodies noble qualities and is bluntly different from others. When the Venus is afflicted in the horoscope, it brings out the beast of a man and increases the urge for carnal desires and unlawful acts.

A strong and unblemished Venus gives comfortable and luxurious lifestyle, social popularity, pleasing and attractive personality to the native.

A strong and well placed Venus also gives wealth, prosperity, luxuries, pleasures, happiness and comforts in life. It gives the skills of presentation and expression, as well as ability to impress others.
It gives the native energy and vitality in life. Native enjoys the comfort of vehicles in his life. Native has the ability to learn and develop different skills in his life. It helps the native to develop kind and pleasant attitude towards the others.

Well placed, unblemished and strong Venus is necessary in a horoscope to gain success in business. It brings popularity and prosperity to the native, which helps in accumulation of wealth and riches in life.

Normally planets give malefics results if it gets placed in 12th house but Venus in 12th house gives wealth, prosperity and comforts of life to the native. Venus in 12th house helps the native to enjoy all the pleasures and luxuries of life. It helps the native to fulfill all his worldly desires in his life.

Venus in 6th also gives wealth and prosperity to the native, because from 6th house Venus aspects the 2nd house, 10th house and 12th house.

Following are the results of Venus placed in various signs of zodiac:


Venus in Aries makes the native emotional, impulsive and imaginative. Native resorts to day dreaming and fantasies. Native loves comforts and luxuries in life. Native remains unhappy in his life and fail to satisfy all his needs.


Venus in Taurus gives good looking and pleasant personality to the native. Native loves luxuries, comforts and fond of pleasures in life. Native develops taste in music, dance and fine arts, these days it may be graphic designing or web designing too. Native leads a happy and comfortable life.


Venus in Gemini gives wealth and prosperity to the native. Native loves to participate in the social gatherings. Native earns name, fame and popularity in life. This placement of Venus in the horoscope makes the native learned and intelligent. Native is possessed with generous and helpful nature.


Venus in Cancer makes the native sensitive and emotional in nature. Native leads a unhappy life. Native may marry more than once in life. This placement of Venus makes the native unfortunate in life.


Venus in Leo helps the native to make money through women or from women. Native may deal in ornaments or in ornamental substitutes or in cosmetics. This Venus makes the native emotional and passionate in life. It may also give a superiority complex to the native.


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