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Avasthas (State) of Planets & Their Effects Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 3

15. The Avasthas of Saturn:

In a horoscope Saturn may be in any House he gives the effects as per the name of that Avastha in which he happens to be (that is he gives effects in consonance with the name of the Avastha).

16. The Avasthas of Rahu:

If in a horoscope Rahu being in the Nidra Avastha is in the 9th or the 7th House, the native certainly gets adobe in a place of pilgrimage.

i) If being in the Shayana Avastha, Rahu is in 2/12/11 Houses, the native wanders on the earth as he remains in a state of penury or poverty.

ii) If Rahu is in his own sign, in his exaltation sign, in the signs of Venus or Mars (2, 7, 1, 8), in his own or in benefic Planets’ divisional chart, he gives auspicious effects. If he is in other Houses he makes the native the object of the worship of the wicked persons.

17. The effects of Ketu situations and Avasthas are like those of Rahu.

18. Special Effects: If a Malefic Planet being badly affected by Malefic Planets and being in the Nidra 

Avastha is placed in the 7th House, the Yoga or combination so formed causes the death of the native’s wife, If there is the aspect of benefic Planets on the 7th House, it does not cause the death of the native’s wife.

19. If being in the Nidra Avastha, a malefic Planet is conjoined with or aspected by an enemy planet and is placed in the 7th House in the sign of an enemy, there will be early death of the native’s wife. His wife will have early death even though she is protected by Lord Brahma (the creator Lord) himself.

20. If such combination of Planets (as stated in Shloka no 20) is in conjunction with or aspected by Benefic Planets then the native will get a second wife in the event of the death of the first wife, and thus he will get the happiness of having a wife. If it is aspected by both Benefic and Malefic Planets, the wife remains diseased.

21. The consideration with Regard to sons: If a Planet being in his exaltation, own sign in the 5th house ha gone in the Nidra Avastha and is conjoined with or aspected by a Malefic Planet, it forms the Yoga or combination of the loss of Progeny. If he is aspected by benefici planets then one son remains alive and the rest are subjected to death.

22. If in the Horoscope, being in the Nidra Avastha a benefic planet is placed in the 8th House, but he is in conjunction with or aspected by a Malefic or an enemy Planet, then the native is killed in a war with a weapon.

23. Alpmrityu Yoga (Sudden Death): The native in whose horoscope there is Rahu in conjunction with Saturn and Mars in the 8th House and one of these Planets is in the Nidr Avastha, he (the native) is killed by the attack of a weapon, there is no doubt about it.

24. Shatrukrita Tirthakritha Mrithyu Yoga (the Yoga in which death is brought about by an enemy or in a place of pilgrimage). If being in the Nidra Avastha or in the Shayana Avastha, a planet together with Malefic Planets is placed in the 8th House, then the native is subjected to death by his enemy’s wrath and if that very planet is in conjunction with or aspected by Benefic planets or if the 8th House is occupied by the 8th Lord, then at the time of death, the native reaches the shore of the Holy Ganga and it is there that he gets Hari Sayujya or death.

25. Punya Kshetra Labha Yoga (The Yoga in which the native gets Salvation by dying in a place of pilgrimage). If in a horoscope the Ascendant Lord, the 8th Lord and the 9th Lord respectively aspect the Ascendant, the 8th House and the 9th house or even any one house lord of these house aspects his own House and the remaining two being conjoined with Benefic Planets and unaffected by Malefic ones, are situated in the 9th House, then at the end of life the native reaches a place of Pilgrimage and there he gets salvation.

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