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The Effects of the Avasthas of the Sun

Dr. Shanker Adawal

1. When the Sun is gone in the Shayana Avasthas, the native (born in this Avastha of the Sun) always suffers from lack of hunger, his legs will be fat, he will suffer from bilious diseases, get ulcer in the anus and extreme pain in the heart etc.

2. If the Sun is gone in the Upavesha Avastha, the native will remain poor and penurious, will always remain the carrier of the loads, for others; be expert to initiate quarrels or deals with quarrels, will be cruel and hard hearted and his money will be wasted.

3. If the Sun is gone in the Netrapani Avastha, the native will always remain cheerful, will have true knowledge and wisdom, will do good to others, be strong and wealthy and will enjoy comforts, be proud due to the favour of the king.

4. If the Sun is gone in the Pakasha Avastha the native will be liberal or generous hearted, will be endowed with wealth, talk cleverly and wisely in the assembly, will do many charitable deeds, be very strong and be very beautiful.

5. If the Sun is gone in the Gamana Avastha, the native will always live in foreign countries, will always suffer from many kinds of pains, be lazy (without doing any profession), be bereft of intelligence and wealth, will remain troubled with fear, will have speciality and will be endowed with anger.

6. If the Sun is gone in the Agamana Avastha the native will have interest in other peoples’ wives, will be bereft of the company of many men, will have much interest in making travels, be miserly, be clever in wickedness and be unclean.

7. The native in whose horoscope the Sun is situated in the 4th House and is gone in the Sabha Avastha will always remain ready in doing good to others, have wealth and diamonds,  be store house of good qualities, be a landlord, be endowed with new clothes and houses, be very strong, will keep many kinds of friends and be dear to them and the art of supreme kindness will candle in his heart.

8. If the Sun is in the Agama Avastha, the native will tremble with fear from his enemies, be inconstant, his body will remain weak and thin, he will be bereft of religious deeds and be full of pride.

9. If the Sun is in the Bhojana Avastha, the native will always have pain in his joints, will waste his money and strength all the time due to his company with another man’s wife, be untruthful and may not digest his food, will have interest in doing evil talks, and will have mind to walk o wrong path.

10. If the Sun is in the Nrityalipsa Avastha the native will always remain adorned with men having learning and education, be a learned man, will have ability of speaking in poetics, be worshipped (honoured) by the authority, be worshipped also on the earth (by the people).

11. If the Sun is in the Kauthuka Avastha, the native will always bear happiness, be a man of learning, will do Yagna, live in the royal court, be as valorous as a lion on the enemies who may be like elephants, will have much ability of speaking in poetics or the art of poetry.

12. If the Sun is in the Nidra Avastha, the native’s eyes will be full of sleep and red coloured, as red as blood, he will get abode in foreign lands, will lose his wife early, suffer the destruction of his wealth many times.

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