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Avasthas (State) of Planets & Their Effects Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

The Special effects of the Avasthas

Now the effects of planets in certain Avasthas as a result of

i) The planet occupying particular houses and

ii) Due to aspects received by them fro other planets in a birth chart, would be described.

5. The Avasthas of the Sun

If the Sun is in a Trine or in the 10th House and he is in his Netrapani Avastha, the effects are auspicious. If he is in the 7th or the 5th House in his Prakasa Avastha, the native suffers the loss of his son and the effects of this very Avastha if he (the Sun) is situated in the 12th, the 7th is loss of wife.

6. If the Sun being in the Bhojana Avastha is in the 9th House, he causes obstacles in the charitable deeds. If being in the Kauthuka Avastha he is in the 6th House he is the killer of the native’s enemy or enemies. If in this very Avastha he is in the 7th and 5th House he causes the wife’s and son’s death and disease in the sexual organs.

7. The Avasthas of the Moon:

The effects of the 12 Avasthas of the Moon is auspicious in the Sukla Paksha (the bright half of the month), and inauspicious in the Krishna Paksha (the dark half of the month), the learned should know it in this way.

8. The Avasthas of Mars:

i) If Mars being in Shayana Avastha is in the 7th House there will be loss of wife, and if he is in the 5th House, loss of son.

ii) If being in Shayana Avastha he occupies the 6th House and is aspected by his enemies, the native being in the grip of cupid, the god of love, gets his hand fractured due to making quarrel and fighting.

iii) If Mars, being in the Shayana Avastha, is also in conjunction with Saturn and Rahu, Mars gives the native disease in his head.

iv) Being in the Shayana Avastha, and in the Ascendant, Mars gives disease in the eyes and always spreads diseases in the body.

If Mars being in the Netrapani Avastha, is posited in the Ascendant, then the native gets his limbs broken because of his being in the grip of cupid the god of love and making quarrels and fighting, Native is subjected to fear from snakes, disease in the teeth, fear from fire and water and there may be loss of wife.

11. If Mars being in the Prakasa Avastha is situated in the 5th or the 7th House, then the native gets the loss of his Son and his wife respectively.

If Mars is in the Prakasa Avastha, and in conjunction with Malefic Planets, or is hemmed between Malefic Planets, Mars makes the native topmost among sinners.

12. The Avasthas of Mercury:

If Mercury being in the Netrapani Avastha is in the 5th House, Mercury gives the loss of son and the birth of daughter.

If being in the Sabhagatha Avastha, Mercury is in the 7th or the 5th House, more daughters than sons are born to the native.

13. The Avasthas of Jupiter:

If being in the Bhojana Avastha, Jupiter is situated in the Ascendant, the native becomes an archer (that is, Native is a soldier).

If in Bhojana Avastha, Jupiter is in a Trine, makes the native bereft of wealth. If Jupiter is conjoined with malefic also, the native remains without sons.

14. The Avasthas of Venus:

If being in the Netrapani Avastha Venus is situated in the Ascendant, the 7th or the 10th House, Venus is extremely auspicious in giving effects, makes the physique strong, but gives the diserase of decay of Teeth and increases sexual desire.

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