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Venus in Various Houses – Effects

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Planets in addition to their ownership Effects, produce certain Effects pertaining to the houses they occupy at the time of birth.

1st house -  General happiness, increased influence and prestige, comforts and prosperity, happy marriage and marital enjoyments, birth of good children, etc.

2nd house -  Increased wealth and happiness in the family, association with good people and gain through them.

Venus in the 2nd -  lord of wealth, and wealthy, luxurious food, good speech, helpful, respect and patronage from local sovereigns.

3rd house – Unhappiness, poverty, misery and unpopular tendencies, ill health of wife, birth of sisters or happiness and prosperity to them, fame and respect.

Venus in the 3rd house -  courage, and hopefulness, independent, clothes of variegated colours, conveyances and happiness through the prosperity of brothers.

4th house -  Acquisition of house and vehicles, increased fame and position, fortunate events in maternal home, acquisition of new knowledge and success in educational pursuits, perfect domestic happiness and friendship with good people and gain through them, fame and respect.

Venus in the 4th house -  kingdom, great happiness, conveyances carried by men, increase in cultivation, crops, wealth, in cattle, family, friends and relations, spread of reputation by his own exertions and determination.

5th house -  Birth of daughters or their prosperity, gain of immense wealth, position of respect and command, wise counsels, virtuous acts and fame.

Venus in the 5th house -  begetting children, reputation, royal respect, many dependents and help to them.

6th house -  Success over enemies, loss of wealth through female association and corruption, sorrows and grief, ill health of wife, etc.

Venus in the 6th house -  losses to grains, relations, wealth, children, brothers, female diseases, disappointments, fears from enemies, rulers fires and thieves.

7th house -  Marriage, loving wife, domestic harmony, enjoyment of sensual pleasures, pleasant journeys and trips, extravagant expenditure for pleasures and luxurious life, etc.

Venus in the 7th -  death to wife or travel to foreign place, great venereal complaints, enlarged spleen, great loss to relations, children and wealth.

8th house -  Increased wealth, gains in business, legacy through women, immoral tendencies, happiness and prosperity, ill health of wife, etc.

Venus in the 8th house -  wounds or injuries from fires, weapons, thieves, untimely or disturbed meals, occasional happiness, gains and respect from rulers, and reputation.

9th house -  Birth of good children, happiness, fame, increased prosperity, popularity and comfort, high position and authority, honours, etc.

10th house -  Renown, good friends, high position and power, wealth, good house and gains, conveyance, etc.

Venus in the 10th house -  performing meritorious acts and sacrifices, wealth, lands from kings, acquiring fresh wealth good care of body and its glossy attraction, renown in various directions, great power or kingdom, and lands.

11th house -  Immense riches, great comforts and happiness, luxurious life and great influence, journey to distant places, gains through business, etc.

Venus in the 11th house -  respect of kings, scents, garlands, ornaments, clothes, money and children, gains from mercantile speculations, charities and works published under his name, good cultivation.

12th house -  Increased wealth, but increased expense also, good sexual bliss, and enjoyments, loss of relatives, immoral tendencies, etc.

Venus in the 12th house -  respect of kings, wealth, grains and happiness through them, and their enjoyment, loss of place, death of mother, travelling and mental distractions.

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