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Effects of the Major Period of Venus Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 3

Venus with a beneficial aspect -  acquisition of wealth, honoured by his own sovereign, extending his authority over all people, handsome bodily complexion, pleasure from friends and children.

Venus in Kendra’s -  carried on palki-men’s shoulders, rich clothes, females, flowers, scents, nine varieties of gems and ornaments, attractive body, doing pleasing work to people, wealth, good and profitable cultivation, enjoyment with wife in water and possession of valuable and costly selection of articles.

Venus in birth -  gains from royal personages, successful cultivation, helping people, great elevation of mind and happiness there from.

Venus in the Navamsa of Jupiter -  destruction to wife and children, disappointments in all his efforts, doing work against religious and moral principles, loss of mother and mental worry.

Venus I Leo -  dangers of all descriptions and consequent mental sorrow, upward shooting pains in the body and diseases, poor inclination to be engaged in paying work or in religious devotion.

Venus with Sun -  tenanting an old and dilapidated house, quarrelling with people, loss of wife, death of brothers and quarrels with all.

Venus with Sthanabala -  respect and gains from rulers, ornaments, always engaged in learned discussions, Government honours and titles.

Venus with Digbala -  gives great reputation, happiness from clothes, children, wife, and wealth.

Venus with Kalabala produces -  happiness, wealth, reputation, Government titles and pleasure.

Venus with Nisargikabala -  great pleasure and happiness, native will get pleasure and enjoyment from cows, lands, wealth, brothers, mothers and grains and these in turn also will have prosperity.

Venus in retrograde -  great respect and gains from rulers, aristocratic or royal power, accompanied by drums, conveyances of the paraphernalia of rank and position, clothes of various colours, territories, ornaments, political power and influence.

Venus with Drigbala -  performing religious and sacrificial rites, pleasure from education, happiness from fine beds, cots, clothes, coronation, quarrels, and hatred of relations and friends.

Venus in cruel Sastiamsa -  fear from dangers and accidents, rulers, fires and robbers, destruction to cultivation, cattle, grains and lands.

Venus in beneficial Sastiamsa  - great happiness, construction of tanks, wells and gardens and worship of Gods.

Venus in Visheshika amsa -  great enjoyment, Conveyances, respect and pleasure from presents from rulers, wealth from brothers, sisters and own wife.

Debilitated Venus in exaltation Navamsa -  gain from cultivation, cows, lands, merchandise wealth, grains.

Exalted Venus in Debilitation Navamsa -  great misery, loss of lands and power, and place of residence.

Venus in cruel Drekkana – fear from enemies, imprisonment and great misery, chains and troubles from robbers.

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