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The Moon in Various Houses – Effects

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Planets in addition to their ownership Effects, produce certain Effects pertaining to the houses they occupy at the time of birth.

1st house -  (If Moon be waxing) Gain of wealth, domestic happiness, pleasant functions at home, etc. (if Moon be waning) loss of wealth, eye disease, urinary troubles, mental worries, etc.

2nd house -  Increased earnings, gain of money, sexual bliss, gain of new knowledge, friendship with good people, etc.

Moon in the 2nd -  gives pleasure of wife, sons, lands, cows, money, happiness, good milk and rich food, sexual happiness and baths in sacred waters.

3rd house -  Birth of sisters or their well being, good health, increased popularity, and happiness.

Moon in the 3rd -  great happiness, many kinds of profits, determination, happiness to brothers, successful cultivation, good food, ornaments, milk and its products.

4th house -  Overindulgence in sexual pleasures, good friends, gains from land, good house and conveyance, virtuous and benevolent acts, increased fame and popularity.

Moon in 4th -  death of mother, happiness, carriages, lands, success from cultivation, new houses, reputation, and publishing works of various descriptions under his name.

5th house -  Birth of daughters, virtuous acts, increased happiness, position as adviser, wise decisions, compassionate nature.

6th house -  Dysentery, dyspepsia, colic pains, loss of wealth, pressure from creditors and enemies, general debility, fear and anxiety, Bad health of mother, etc.

Moon in the 6th -  sorrow, quarrels, hatred, fear from fires, thieves and rulers, danger from water, misery from diabetes and acquisition of riches.

7th house -  Happy marriage or other functions at home, general prosperity, pleasure trips and short journeys.

8th house -  Bad health, loss of comforts, mental torture, agony, grief, easy going nature, Bad health of mother, loss through females, venereal diseases, etc.

Moon in the 8th -  leanness of body, danger from water, misery, travels to foreign places, hatred of all classes, bad food, danger and death to mother and motherly relations.

9th house -  Increased popularity, birth of good children, virtuous acts, success in undertakings, gains and happiness.

10th house -  Gains, increased wealth, good food and jewels, promotion in profession or gains in business, increased popularity, fame and respect.

Moon in 10th -  reputation, good education, performing religious sacrifices, great happiness, lands, children, vehicles, clothes and enjoyment.

11th house -  Gain in business, increased wealth, and birth of lucky children, popularity, general prosperity and happiness.

Moon in the 11th -  acquisition of various kinds of articles, gets rich food, milk, fine clothes, sexual enjoyment, enjoys recreation and playfulness, female, children, mental happiness.

12th house -  Gives journey to distant places. Bad health, misery, laziness, disgrace and defeat, loss of wealth and happiness, Bad health of mother and wife, etc.

Moon in the 12th -  suffers from loss of lands, confiscation of grains and money, ejection from native place, and incalculable sorrow, implicated in false case or gives false witness in a case.

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