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The Main Period of the Moon and its Sub-Periods Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

According to the Moon sign occupied at birth, the following conditions and problems will confront the individual at that time of his life, which corresponds with the Main Period of the Moon.

If the Moon be in Aries at Birth

A period of journeys and travels, long and short, Visits to foreign countries or many trips within the confines of own country. Also a period of thought along religious paths, with contacts with people connected with some religious movement or activity.

If the Moon be in Taurus at Birth

A fortunate period all around, one in which the individual should be active and push forward, since enterprises started or completed during this period will be generally successful. By making the most of opportunities and contacts during this period, the individual could rise in whatever station of life he may be situated, and should reach a position of authority and responsibility. The purchases of automobiles or other vehicles of transportation are likely to be made during this period.

If the Moon be in Gemini at Birth

This is a period for making best use of his social contacts, communication skills, and exchange of ideas. If sufficiently educated, the person may write articles, books, or give lectures. He may come in contact with publishers or writers or be instrumental in singing contacts. Generally, this period will be marked by literary and educational activities.

If the Moon be in Cancer at Birth

If the Moon is in Cancer at birth, the main period of the Moon will be marked by a tendency toward domesticity. The individual will live in a place which is either very rocky or is surrounded by mountains, or high ground and trees. He will have domestic animals around him according to his means and he will spend more money on animals than he will at any other time in his life. There is some danger during this period of contracting a secret disease and every care should be taken to avoid contagion.

If the Moon be in Leo at Birth

Not a good period for the health of the individual. Sickness is likely to be a serious handicap to general welfare and must be avoided by extra care and precaution if possible, since otherwise this period presents opportunities for progress, especially financially, Business affairs will prosper and promotion in position, increase in trade, or success in a professional career will be found to come easily and with little effort. The individual will receive the respect and admiration of his associates.

If the Moon be in Virgo at Birth

If the individual is not yet married, he is very likely to marry during this period. If he is already married, he will be unfaithful to his marriage partner, and be in serious danger of separation from her. His spirits are high during this period, and he chafes at the bonds of domesticity. He will be rather fortunate at this period if his affairs take him to foreign countries, but although he will make money, he is likely not to save it.

If the Moon be in Libra at Birth

He lives in hopes during this period, seeming not to be able to complete anything, or to be continually frustrated in everything he undertakes. Association with the opposite sex may take on the colour of intrigue and unless he is particularly cautious will lead to open scandal. He is liable to find himself the victim of some racket, which uses a woman as a decoy, and may have to pay blackmail in the form of coin or services which are unworthy. Keep to the straight and narrow path is the best advice to those living in this period.

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