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Effects during the Major period of the Moon Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 3

Moon in conjunction with an exalted planet -  Gives mental elation, pleasure from sexual correspondence, wife, friends, and children.

Moon with an evil planets -  Indicates unhappiness from fire thieves, and rulers, loss of wife, children and relations, foreign travels, and doing sinful deeds.

Moon with a benefic -  good deeds, gains in cows, lands, clothes, Jewels, gold, baths in holy rivers and ponds, and happiness from sexual enjoyment with other women.

Moon aspected by a malefic -  Suffers due to doing unprofitable work, great anger, dirty meals, death of mother, or maternal relations.

Moon aspected by a benefic -  Indicates extending help to others, great reputation, gaining desired objects, respect of rulers, and pleasure from getting watery products.

Moon in Moolatrikona -  great wealth, many children, renunciation of worldly pleasures, after quarrels with relations he will become their leader.

Moon in debilitated Navamsa – Gives great sorrow, disease in feet and eyes, quarrels, and defeats, and mental pleasure.

Moon in exalted Navamsa -  Provides great happiness, many sources of gain, respect of kings, good bodily development.

Note: In the beginning of his Major Period Moon will give respect reputation and happiness, in the middle loss of female children, and in the end gain of wealth, clothes and pleasures.

Moon in combustion -  sorrow, hatred of relations, loss of wealth, fears from fires and rulers, death of mother, and losses in cultivations and grains.

Moon in Sthanabala -  riches, reputation, education, feeding of Brahmins and worship of Gods, Pertaining to royal family, acquisition of kingdom, or lands, females, cloths ornaments, money from cultivation, earning profits by selling cows, good milk, and food, of a luxurious nature, ghee, curds, garlands and other enjoyment.

Moon without Sthanabala -  Suffers due to loss of house, and residence elsewhere, destruction of relations, and losses in cultivation of land.

Moon with Digbala -  getting various useful articles from many places, progress in education, friendship with rulers, and respect among his own community, horses and elephants.

Moon with Kalabala -  Lordship over men and horses, cow’s, lands and cultivation, surrounded by educated men, and he will have conveyances, ornamented by nails, hair, tusks, skins and clothes.

Moon with Nisargikabala -  gain of money without effort, lands and conveyances, respect of kings and many conveyances.

Moon in Drigbala -  favours and wealth from mighty monarchs, helping poor, and gaining his desires.

Moon in cruel Sastiamsa -  great misery, danger to wife and children, displeasure of kings, haughty discussion, quarrels.

Moon in beneficial Sastiamsa -  many children, servants and wealth, success, happiness and reputation, high education.

Moon in Paravat amsa -  great renowned, educational progress and pleasure, worship and happiness, baths in sacred waters.

Moon in cruel Drekkana -  disease, sinful deeds, causing troubles to cows and Brahmins.

Note: In the Moon Major Period the first results will be due to his positions in the Rasi, second the results will be due to Amsa he occupies and third the results will flow from conjunction and aspects.

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