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The Main Period of Saturn and Its-Sub-Periods Part 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

If Saturn be in Libra at Birth

An excellent position for Saturn. During the Saturn period, the individual will be most fortunate. Everything he touches will turn to gold. He will make a great deal of money. He may even purchase gold during this period. He will buy and sell jewellery and precious stones a a profit. He will invest in gems and keep them on his person and in his home and safety deposit boxes in preference to actual cash in the bank.

If Saturn be in Scorpio at Birth

A very bad period. The individual will become more headstrong and reckless than he usually is. His vindictive nature will be uppermost and his actions will finally lead to his consorting with criminals. He may himself commit crimes. From one act to another, he will sink lower and lower. Toward the end of the period, unless the indications of other planetary periods are strongly contradictory, he will be found in the lowest strata of humanity. He will become a tramp and wander from place to place.

If Saturn be in Sagittarius at Birth

The individual, who has Saturn in this position a birth, is a man of action, a fighter who glories if the odds are against him. This period for him will be a happy one. He will succeed in his enterprises.

If Saturn be in Capricorn at Birth

A period of work-hard work. Although he is conscientious, this individual is far from being brilliant. Everything he gains he has to work very hard for, and even more so during the Saturn period of his life. This person is inordinately fond of the opposite sex. During this period his ideas with regard to sex relationships undergo a change. He is quite apt to be found in the company of eunuch and he manifests abnormal tendencies in this direction. He must be careful during this period about taking others into his confidence regarding his finances, or not have any financial dealings with anyone, unless he is fully protected against fraud, as money may be lost through the treachery of some associate.

If Saturn be in Aquarius at Birth

During the Saturn period, the individual will realize a wish, he has always had to buy or build his own home. He will plan for it and finally purchase and build it to his desires. He will own his own property. He will enjoy a happy domestic and home life. The period is on the whole tranquil and uneventful and the building of the home is the high peak of existence at that time.

If Saturn be in Pisces at Birth

The individual will gradually become absorbed in municipal or community affairs. He will take part in government or administration of the municipality, possibly occupy a position on the city council, become councilor or mayor of his city. At any rate, he will attain some degree of prominence in the public affairs pertaining to his immediate environment.

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