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Effects during the Major Period of Mercury Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

Let us know the Effects of the Period of Moon’s son- Mercury who is also known as `Kumar’ the planet of adolescence.

At the time when Mercury Dasa is in progress the native enjoys the benefit of spiritual preceptors. He gets wealth through Brahmins, acquires new lands, cows and horses. He worships great men, gods and acquires great wealth. He is troubled by disease, caused by the disturbance of the three Humours – wind, heat and phlegm.

Mercury’s period – with reference to their natural governance over certain affairs-

1. If Mercury be strong, benefic and well placed, during his periods there will be making of good friends, increased fame, respect from the learned, favours from elders, high position, gains from business, fluency of speech, learning, and well being of wife and children.

2. If Mercury is weak, malefic and badly placed; he will cause diseases like eye disease, throat troubles, tonsils and the like, skin diseases, anaemia and mental troubles. There will be displeasure from superiors, quarrels with friends, loss of wealth through wicked acts and business, forced journeys to distant places, dullness of mind, loss in agriculture, ill health or death of maternal uncles, etc.

3. Mercury when, exalted, posted in own sign, Angles (Kendra’s), Trines, friendly sign-

Provides the native with happiness, acquisition of wealth, prosperity; popularity, property, attainment of higher education and refined qualities gratification from the Rulers, keen interest in pious works, affection of wife and children, pleasure of sound health, high degree of contentment, decent food (prepared in milk), and business gains.

4. Mercury if aspected by or conjunct with benefic planets and lord of 10th house or having Bhava strength-

Its period will give full benefic effects.

5. Mercury if aspected by or conjunct with the malefic planets –

The native faces the wrath of the Ruler (Government) gets mentally upset, confrontation from co-born and relatives, foreign travels etc. Also becomes dependent, suffers from urinary disease and under has fear of unknown.

6. If Mercury is located in the 6th, 8th or the 12th house-

His income, passion and wealth get decimated, disease like jaundice and rheumatism are likely. Fright of the Government (King), theft, fire etc., destruction of agriculture produce, cattle’s, property (land).

7. The beginning of the Period native acquires wealth and agriculture produce, abundant comforts, warmth of sons, felicity, acquisition of property, gains in wealth.

Middle part of the Period, brings recognition from the king (Government) and last portion of the Period, sets in miseries, obstacles etc.

The under mentioned are the effects of major periods of Mercury with reference to the various combinations or occupation of signs by Mercury:-

Mercury in deep exaltation -  great wealth and reputation from it, and happainess, lordship over men, sacrificial performances and good name thereby, female children, lands, riches and great enjoyment.

Mercury in exaltation -  respect and wealth, good wealth, enjoyment, children and possession of cows, horses, elephants, and their enjoyment.

Mercury in ascending -  cows, cattle, horses, sacrifices, delicious food, ornaments, clothes, conveyances, gains from merchandise, lands, and satisfaction from giving health to others.

Mercury in descent -  great sorrow and trouble, senselessness adultery and fears from authority, fires and thieves.

Mercury in debilitation -  senselessness, hatred of his community, loss of place and relations, foreign travel and residence in forest.

Mercury in Moolatrikona -  great happiness, education, reputation enquiry after Truth (God) hearing and reading of sacred religious books, and philosophic discussions.

Mercury in his Own house -  wealth in money, and grains, good merchandise, cows, children, money, and enjoyment, rich food, milk, clothes, ornaments, wife.

Mercury in a bitter enemy’s house -  great unhappiness, loss of money and appointment, hatred of relations, disappointments in good and religious work, sinful deeds.

Mercury in an unfriendly house -  fear from enemies, and rulers, disturbance to education, degradation, bad food and loss of money, wife and children.

Mercury in a friendly house -  gains, happiness, spread of his name and works, poetry and prose published under his name.

Mercury in an intimate friendly sign -  great gain and happiness, respect and royal friendship, wife and children, and respect of relations.

Mercury in a neutral house -  grains, clothes and children, loss of power, untimely meals and fasting, senselessness, and cutaneous diseases.

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