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The Main Period of Saturn and Its-Sub-Periods Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

Duration of Period – Vimshottari-19 years

The conditions surrounding the individual during the Saturn period of his life will vary according to the Signs occupied by Saturn at birth as follows:-

If Saturn be in Aries at Birth

The Saturn period will be one of great concern over the health. There will be a general weakening of the constitution and the individual will be more than ordinarily subject to various diseases. Those most common will be diseases caused by an impure condition of the blood. Boils, skin eruptions and other such manifestations will be the obvious results.

If Saturn be in Taurus at Birth

These people are very intelligent. They have the faculty of seeing clearly and of grasping not only the essentials, but the details of any problem. During the Saturn period, they will be much occupied with matters of finance, particularly s applied to land and property. Legal disputes regarding such matters should be taken up during this period as they will be successful and profitable.

If Saturn be in Gemini at Birth

Not a good position for Saturn. The period will be marked by a tendency on the part of the individual to associate with shady and irresponsible characters. He may even stoop to theft or at least the procuring of money dishonesty. If ordinarily the correspondences with other planets in his chart are conductive to good traits of character, during this period he may become a habitual of stealing. His romantic nature may lead him into shady and undesirable associations with the opposite sex and if the other planets in his chart seem to strengthen the testimony, he may even be involved as a tout or profit from the business of prostitution.

If Saturn be in Cancer at Birth

A period of happiness and contentment especially in domestic and home life. The individual will be surrounded by friends whom he likes and who are fond of him and will be of assistance to him. He must be more than ordinarily careful of his health during this period however, and particularly he must guard against undue eye-strain, since he will have trouble with his eyes, his right eye especially.

If Saturn be in Leo at Birth

The Saturn period will be a time of quarrels and strife. Domestic life will be upset and unhappy. There is every indication of a quarrel with the marriage partner which may lead to separation. The children also are quite likely to be separated from him. A toxic condition in the system will cause bad headaches which come so often they seem to be chronic.

If Saturn be in Virgo at Birth

During the period of Saturn, he will come in contact with financial men and problems. These problems will not be a personal nature but rather pertinent to whatever business he may be in. During the entire period, he will deal with money and finances. May be employed with brokerage or banking house.

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